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    Musical instruments

    This is my bass.. SGC nanyo “bass collection”
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    For Sale Mr Ships updated for sale thread 04/03/24

    I’ll take the dean ti post if still available cheers Edit - do you think I’ll be able to find the clamps for it? As I’m not sure whether they’re special to that or not
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    What to do with all the random crap?

    Me (Jokes of course, stash it in the loft, there has been countless times when I sold something I would’ve needed later)
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    Kona Track T W O, what to do. (warning, this aint pretty)

    That doesn’t look like a track 2 crown or legs… Bit exactly sure what it is…
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    S-bike database

    503 should be 26.0mm
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    86/87 Trek Composite 2500 Frameset Staffs £100

    Actually maybe not, oh no……. And got some nice parts for it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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    86/87 Trek Composite 2500 Frameset Staffs £100

    About 30miles from me!! Would’ve definitely taken it but it may be a tad too big not sure…
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    Which model and year of Kona is this?

    That had the blocky letters, it’s a 97’ fire mountain probably
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    V brake vs Cantilever vs U brake? 90s GT

    I did a thread on trying to make an adapter, but later I realised that a u brake adapter from canti bosses did exist, although very rare.
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    Shimano XTR Keyring - Reassuring Expensive

    @scant was selling one of these for 10% of that price (That Xizang end cap is fire!)
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    Condiment containers, not fit for intended use.

    Hmm, maybe I can machine some, got a nice bit of alu in the drawers that’s 52mm od I think
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    Condiment containers, not fit for intended use.

    What’s the OD on the flanges
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    Wanted Crank related items

    I actually found my spare pace rings were 110bcd not 94 so they’ll do nicely however I really do need some nice spacers and bolts so if anyone has some please give me a shout
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    Weissach Spyder aka messed up Specialized Ultimate

    Now those leather touches😘👌👌 and cranks😳😳
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    Wanted Crank related items

    I think shipping from Canada will be too much for it to make sense but thank you
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    Wanted Crank related items

    Yes, thanks for offering though.
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    For Sale Light rear wheel FRM + Mavic + DT Swiss

    What’s the wear like on the rim?
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    For Sale ITM, Cinelli bar and stem sale

    Will do next time I’m in the workshop but not sure when that is!! The badge May have been lost in the move though!