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  1. Midlife

    Harry Quinn in Somerton £100 inc spare set of wheels

    It looks like its from the time when Harry Quinn sold his name to Falcon and they turned out some real tat in his name...... Harry later bought his name back and "proper" Harry Quinn frames reappeared.
  2. Midlife

    Yet another "what have I got here?" question.

    Doesn't look very Falcon like, Used to sell them in the bike shop I worked in and it doesn't look familiar. Theres Mandobob on Cyclechat who I think is the VCC guy on Falcon but not sure if he comes on here?
  3. Midlife

    Road Racing Pictures •

    I wore Atala shoes when I raced, they had a stylised "A" on them. Those shoes have stripes, maybe not a good corporate image lol
  4. Midlife

    Lovely but...

    It seems to have had a pip added to the back of the head tube... Third digit looks like a 9 so that's a 1979 carlton or raleigh with extra chrome. The oversize seat stay caps ate there but the rear brake bridge has no diamond cutouts which should be there, (they might have been a later...
  5. Midlife

    Large flange road hubs.

    Way back when I raced in the 70's, my TT and track wheels were large flange. Theory was the spokes were shorter making for a rigid wheel for energy transfer. Often with tied and soldered spokes. Not sure where my radial spokes fitted in :) My road race wheels were small flange, more flex in...
  6. Midlife

    Raleigh Serial Number deciphering

    Top tube guides, under BB cable guides but nutted brakes sort of puts in early 70's. Glue on Raleigh badge and a Raleigh seat bolt can de additions. Don't recognise it as a UK Raleigh but could be wrong. Maybe an export, overseas made or not a Raleigh
  7. Midlife

    Frame ID - Retallick

    I wonder if Nigel Dean was involved somewhere, I think he was building frames in Hull about that time.
  8. Midlife

    Raleigh Serial Number deciphering

    If you post a few pics of the frame the details often give a clue.
  9. Midlife

    Frame ID - Retallick

    Blimey...Eric Suffill built my wheels back in the day (70's) not heard his name for years on end ! I rode for Hull Thursday and quite a few of us had our wheels built there. Eric had every excuse under the sun for wheels not being ready, plus hated doing radial spokes lol
  10. Midlife

    Calling all 80’s Raleigh experts!

    A bit after my time as I'm the 70's but is it a Team Corsa 12 from the mid 80's?
  11. Midlife

    Seat bolt question

    Just out of curiosity what frame is it
  12. Midlife

    Raleigh identification

    Did Raleigh change their numbering system in 1988/89? Dropping the N and another letter prefix. Memory flaky lol
  13. Midlife

    753R SBDU TT special - W.Kent

    It's certainly a TT special but with an earlier CSM bb shell with the points at the side of the chainstay so Metric tubing. Wonder what the Reynolds decal says My Holdsworth Classic TT was meant for single chainring but came out of the factory with braze ons for two. Edit I'm in two minds...
  14. Midlife

    753R SBDU TT special - W.Kent

    Too many gears :)
  15. Midlife

    Raleigh Record Sprint Series 1 ‘83

    You could well be right, I'm 65 this year so my memory of the time isn't cast iron. Probably mistaking it with seeing the Carlton Corsair /Pro Am duo at the Harrogate Bike Show '78 lol
  16. Midlife

    Raleigh Record Sprint Series 1 ‘83

    Nice :). Re the frame number N is for Nottingham, L is for August and the 3 is for 1983. Would likely be under the seat for that year. Trying to remember when I first saw one, 1978 maybe?
  17. Midlife

    Help Please to identify model of classic lighweight road bicycle please.

    Sure is a nice frame. Back then the "fag paper" clearance between the wheels and the frame was very fashionable, as was making the frame very "upright" with short top tube. Made for a very lively ride, so much so the Pro riders kicked back and their longer distance road frames became a little...
  18. Midlife

    Help Please to identify model of classic lighweight road bicycle please.

    Looks like a Roy Thame short wheelbase Road bike from the 70's. They liked the odd "cloverleaf" cutout and sometimes copied the Holdsworth wrap round. Could be a Holdsworth that someone had modified but at that time they had the Classic on their books. The forks however have a very Mercian...
  19. Midlife

    Rusty Bob Jackson -E.Sussex

    531 chainstays were pretty chunky so could be OK. 753 with corrosion like that would almost certainly be toast
  20. Midlife

    TI-Raleigh Team Pro Replica fully restored immaculate vintage bike

    I'm not quite sure what it is......the 753 decal is a bit presumptuous lol