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  1. slimjoe

    For Sale Edco threaded headset Kingsbery Bottom Bracket

    Lovely & rare 1” threaded Edco headset in good used condition £50.00 Kingsbery USA NOS bottom bracket 117.5mm English threading £50.00 PayPal as payment works best.
  2. slimjoe

    For Sale Early Gravity Research Rim Crusher Brakes SOLD

    This is has far as I’m aware the earliest version of the G. R. Rim Crusher brake. I fitted a set onto a bike recently and they feel awesome. This set was on my recently sold Zinn and I will clean it up before sale. No cable hangers or Cable ends included. I’ll say £150.00 for the full front &...
  3. slimjoe

    Reduced American Classic seat pin

    TC is that not an American Classic/ Kingsberry quick release? Really cool anyway GLWS
  4. slimjoe

    Mountain Goat Bar Ends - Green anodised.

    I’d be looking for £45-£50 for those
  5. slimjoe

    For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed

    Zinn frameset is now sold. Separate listing for some of the parts from it on here.
  6. slimjoe

    For Sale Single speed stuff White, Paul, TA

    These are surplus to requirements so may as well sell them. The wheels are gorgeous! White Industries hubs, front is a classic, rear is a single speed ENO. Both rims were brand new before build and are Mavic XC717 32 hole. No wear at all on them. The front is built with DT Revolution spokes so...
  7. slimjoe

    Early RINGLE Holey Skewers

    These are cool 😎
  8. slimjoe

    1990 Muddy Fox Prestige Pro

    Any updates on this build Coleman? I can always take it off your hands if you are tired of it 😉
  9. slimjoe

    1989 Muddy Fox Limited Edition 16"

    That Prestige Pro is feckin gorgeous ❤️
  10. slimjoe

    For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed

    This needs a quick bump and update. If anyone interested in parts just let me know via PM. Or complete bike with the rare has hens teeth Gravity Research brake set and slightly more common GR levers £500.00.
  11. slimjoe

    For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed

    You have a reply 👍
  12. slimjoe

    RINGLE early seat skewer rare style

    Another oddity from my collection
  13. slimjoe

    For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed

    Yes not a problem. This could be an option but does seem a shame :(
  14. slimjoe

    For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed

    Next on the chopping block! This was an awesome rescue bike! It required a fair bit of work to get it like it is. However it’s far from perfect! The top tube has some slight dents and the top of the seat tube was repaired with a gusset to sort out a crack from the seat tube slot. The bike is...
  15. slimjoe

    Gravity Research Brake Levers

    Yes I have a pair but they are cracked 😞
  16. slimjoe

    Tech Lite cable hangers. Rare!

    These are listed.
  17. slimjoe

    Gravity Research Brake Levers

    These are listed on the Bay
  18. slimjoe

    Precision Billet Rear Mech

    Just over a day left on this rarity
  19. slimjoe

    For Sale RINGLE, Top-line, Cook Bros, Yeti, Gravity Research, Joes, Precision Billet etc SOLD SOLD

    Please PM me later on and we shall get it sorted for you