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  1. J

    1987/8(?) Yellow Diamondback Ascent

    How it ended vs. how it started I ended up having to cut off the original cranks with a sawzall as pulling the originals ended up stripping the threads. The original saddle was an abomination too. Apart from that and the tires/pedals, I kept it original. The SIS shifters are as crisp as you...
  2. J

    BoTM Bike of The Month March 2024 - now taking entries

    I'll play! It's a 1995 Gary Fisher Marlin. It was practically unridden when I got it. I meant it to be a cruiser/grocery getter but once I put the parts on (mostly parts bin, couple of take-offs, new tires) and took...
  3. J

    1995 Gary Fisher Marlin Restomod

    Came to me practically unridden, still with nubs on the original Tioga Psycho tires. Switched out the stem and bars, switched to 1x7 (original cassette plus Microshift Advent 1x9 derailleur and shifter). Kept wheels, BB, frame, seatpost. The rest is parts bin or Amazon's finest Chinesium, apart...