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    Grahame’s 1999 DeKerf Singlespeed was DEK1616
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    Grahame’s 1999 DeKerf Singlespeed

    Pretty sure I've owned that exact frame. I'll see if I can dig out a pic of it! Love a Dekerf!!
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    For Sale Middleburn Duos, Chris King threaded h/set, Panaracer fire xc pro, DCD, 3x8 gripshift

    Hey. Would you do £110 posted for the headset? 😇
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    For Sale Bontrager Jones tyres front and rear

    Just had a look at the 98 catalogue and it says they're folding. I'll wait for you to confirm. Out of interest, are the wheels for sale?
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    For Sale Bontrager Jones tyres front and rear

    Are these folding? Thanks.
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    For Sale Race Face Turbine Forged Chainset + titanium Bottom Bracket

    Would you sell the 3 TA chainrings on their own? Ta.
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    Kona Hei Hei 1994 build thread

    I had a 94 cindercone years ago where I just replaced the bottom cup and bearings for a cane creek 40 and kept the top part to run the threaded P2's.
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    1995 Roberts DOGS BOLX Team

    Always disappointing finding things like that. The picture probably makes it looks worse. Personally I'd just clear coat it or colour match and build it up and if it still bothered me after a while then I might look into a repair from one of the original builders at Roberts. I'd definitely leave...
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    Sold Shimano m737 Type R 8spd Cassette

    Bugger, too slow.
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    cheap 26" Tyres at banana industries

    Bought a few pairs of the WCS folders...very quick delivery. Put a pair on my daily and very pleased so far. They come up more like a 1.8 when fitted although ideal for me.
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    Sold Thomson elite seatpost 26.8 x 410

    Sending pm 👍
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    Sold XT M739 chainset

    Would you do them for £50?
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    Wanted Kona bits... Bottom of the thread 👍
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    Wanted Kona bits...

    I sourced the same stem fairly recently through a wanted ad and I'm sure someone else replied after with another. I'll try and find out who that was....
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    91 Salsa A La Carte (Nukeproof / XT / M231 etc etc)

    Lovely bike and I'm sure it will do well. Only messaged you last night about it, unfortunately too big me thinks.
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    Roberts White Spider

    What's it up for? Link doesn't take me there.
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    Roberts White Spider

    Nice, but that gear selection is doing my nut in :oops:
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    For Sale Thomson x 4 50mm

    No worries. Let me know if you change your mind.
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    For Sale Thomson x 4 50mm

    Would you take £40 posted?
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    For Sale Thomson x 4 50mm

    Is that a shim for 25.4 bars?