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  1. otherself

    90's SAB (San Marino) italian road frame 57cm

    nice snakestays...
  2. otherself

    De Franceschi Frame - Vintage Steel Frameset Size 53
  3. otherself

    Adidas Velosamba's

    I have a pair of Adidas Oslo; black/yellow combo. Non-cycling shoe but a great shoe for weight lifting in my home gym.
  4. otherself

    Unknown Italian brand "Cicli Bono"

    Paul David Hewson, known by the nickname Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter and activist. He is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the rock band U2. He also built cycling frames in Italy during the 80's.
  5. otherself

    Ever heard of a bike called Bifrato? Vitus 979 dural

    Like other posters said they were all made by Vitus factory and re=badged. Graham Weigh cycles put his own decals on alloy Vitus frames back in the 80's and early 90's. They sold well because top rider Sean Kelly rode them at the time.
  6. otherself

    Oddball frame 1948

    Is it a Baines Whirlwind??? Very collectable if it is. Pricey though.
  7. otherself

    CAPTAINIO Italian made frameset 54cm
  8. otherself

    GT Edge alloy road frame 23 inch

    Not common these. Reasonably light. 1997 production year...
  9. otherself

    Armstrong track frame
  10. otherself

    FH Carpenter Pursuit F+F + parts SW LDN / Surrey

    H Lloyd has replica decals if anybodies thinking of buying and restoring it.
  11. otherself

    Another cheap Mercian F&F Nottingham £70

    Whats with the blow torch marks on the seat tube? Stuck seatpost?
  12. otherself

    Sad looking Ti Raleigh

    That's an impressive downtube
  13. otherself

    2 for 1 offer near Rotherham

    Can't go wrong with £50 each. Both have 531 frames as far as the eye can tell. Just donor the groupsets and you'll get your money back.
  14. otherself

    1999 Trek 8000 Superlight

    Thats just cool af.
  15. otherself

    Coyote HT4

    I have a '98 model I need to get my teeth into. I believe yours is the 99 or '00 model. Not sure. Mine doesn't have rear disc tabs your does. Its gonna be a weight-weenie type with Exotic carbon rigid forks i have lying around. These frames got a 5/5 rating from a certain MTB magazine BITD -...
  16. otherself

    Every 59cm

    Aghh.... his name is Colin Every. Good find.
  17. otherself

    Every 59cm

    I bang my head on the table as well. Can only take a guess that the serial says year '81 and the 531 transfer is from that period. Also downtube lever bosses. Maybe "Every" was a frame builders surname? But whats his first name? Brian, Bob, Tom, Dave, John, Barry, Norman...
  18. otherself

    Every 59cm