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    Sugino Mighty 900 chainset what bottom bracket axle length.

    I run 113 or 110 on mine, both are fine although I would go for 113 if there is more than 10T difference between middle and outer rings. Good choice - lighter than XTR and every bit as well finished.
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    Wanted Shimano M730 / M732 Front Derailleur

    Clamp size, top or bottom pull?
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    Seatpost sizing worries on British made Proteus frame

    I would go and talk to Condor, a proper shop and framebuilder.
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    Max size cassette for short cage rd-m735

    A lot depends on things like your dropout length. Shimano guidelines are guaranteed to work - generally there is substantially more wriggle room. Wind the B-tension screw in and it most likely will be fine.
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    90’s CR-MO frame - what is it?

    Looks very tidy. Maybe a Rock Lobster (the Merlin's Bike Shop type)? IIRC they did them in nickel plate for a couple of years.
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    Advice needed - what to do with my Serotta frame

    You can keep touching up with Kurust to stop the surface corrosion. C&G Finishes (via GA Cycles in Southampton) did an amazing job on my Witcomb, I would have a chat with them.
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    Wanted deore lx groupset

    1990 would be M550, which is 7 speed.
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    Marin team ti - I’m not convinced.

    Looks right as Ti to me. Rear dropouts are too thin to be alloy.
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    Wanted Ultegra 6503 rear derailleur

    Got a tidy one which you can have for £20 posted. It needs new jockeys though.
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    what retro bikes are best to avoid if looking to use regularly off road?

    Steel has an infinite fatigue life provided there are no stress raisers (e.g. poor welds or badly-sited braze-ons). Hence the number of 50+ year old steel road frames still happily being ridden. But of course you have corrosion to consider. Aluminium is fundamentally different in that its...
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    what retro bikes are best to avoid if looking to use regularly off road?

    Most people cannot tell the difference between XTR and Deore when riding in the dark. All the basic Shimano stuff works well, just stay away from their regular daft gimmicks (Rapid Rise, Octalink, parallel push V-Brakes, Uniglide, Silent Clutch, the brake-shifter combi levers, metric chains...
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    Campag 10 speed ergo lever rebuild instructions

    There are decent step by step guides on the web. The best bit of advice I found was to have a small piece of card (a business card is ideal) to hold the flat spiral spring in place during reassembly.
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    Kona seatpost sizes.

    Most years Lava Dome and Cinder Cone shared the same frame, so I would again start with 26.4. Probably it's 26.6 nominal with no heat distortion from welding.
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    Kona seatpost sizes.

    Check the seat tube for ovality, especially by nudging the clamping area open a little. Also measure the post - it should indeed be 26.4. There can be some alarming discrepancies to what is nominal though, often 0.1mm.
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    Folders! Foldable bicycles; love or hate? do you own/use one? Minivelos and demontables added

    Also consider Tern - made by a breakaway from Dahon after a family disagreement.
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    any good bike shops in San Francisco?

    Always used to be Avenue Cyclery...but I haven't been there in over 10 years.
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    Retro E-Bike conversion.

    Which kit did you settle for finally? Just want to check before looking at one for the Mrs, who has arthritis in her hip.
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    Wanted Mavic front wheel grey.

    Slate grey
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    10 speed cranks on 8 speed..

    It will be fine. I've run Campag 10s chainsets in 7s systems with no trouble.
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    Wanted Wheels for 1998 Cannondale Super V 500 (small)

    Does it have disc tabs? I think not as my F2000 didn't IIRC. If no tabs then you cannot fit discs easily. The original wheels will be lighter than modern ones as they have fewer spokes but make up for it with heavier rims. It's hard to get decent 26" rim brake wheels now.