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  1. Spankyfart

    No rhyme no reason just 1 Retrobike pic per post.

    Bad photo, no shit took me 5 hours to assemble the front fender.
  2. Spankyfart

    Wanted Tange Fork with pannier eyelets and holes 26" length 200mm - 1 1/8th

    I know I've seen this "kind" of fork on here before. Anyone know what bikes these came with? Would make the search easier. cheers,
  3. Spankyfart

    Mtb are meant to be riden

    I had a friend, he was 13, he was really bad in English and especially spelling. He was always boasting where he was from and how badass that was. We didn't understand but he seemed to believe it so we let it go. Other then that he was quite obnoxious and said whatever came to his mind, the more...
  4. Spankyfart

    specialized team jmc replica

    Yes! I got your back. Hop in we have a short window.
  5. Spankyfart

    Koga Miyata TieBreaker 1989

    And gone. lol
  6. Spankyfart


    We had to leave our dog to make room for a new MTB.
  7. Spankyfart

    Keep hoping

    €2500 of optimisme 🤣
  8. Spankyfart

    Keep hoping
  9. Spankyfart

    Wanted Surly long haul trucker 26"- 58CM frameset.

    If you don't ask,.. Also, I'm looking for the non disc version.
  10. Spankyfart

    For Sale XTR M900 crank - unpolished - 175mm

    Plenty of life on what I think are the original chainrings. threads good and the taper slots are muy bueno. €130,- PP FnF + postage.
  11. Spankyfart

    For Sale Some Ultegra 6500 bits and bobs.

    Anyone looking for shiney new parts on their bike? Look no further, buy my stuffs. :cool:
  12. Spankyfart

    Front Mech dual pull "thing"?

    These were on Koga Myiata's in 90/91 and prolly 92. Not saying they "invented" them but it works better then the whole pulley thing.
  13. Spankyfart

    Giant cadex m900

    It's not worth 1/3.
  14. Spankyfart

    Tange LN-3922 BB in BSA 73 - 113(,5) a thing?

    Found a crank i'm going to use, XT 730. This is what Velobase says (see pic) and Sheldon says 122.5 So 122.5 it is.
  15. Spankyfart

    Tange LN-3922 BB in BSA 73 - 113(,5) a thing?

    Yeah the only hits are from the UK which is uncanny. Since I don't know what width I need as the specsheet only says BB UN50.
  16. Spankyfart

    Tange LN-3922 BB in BSA 73 - 113(,5) a thing?

    Nice find, they carry the 113 which I assume I need. If anything else fails I'll just have to bite the bullet.
  17. Spankyfart

    1991 Trek 990

    Do you remember what width the tapered BB was, I have the 92 frameset but it had no BB installed. I know they had BB UN50's in there but no sign what width although I assume it's 113. Any info would be appreciated.
  18. Spankyfart

    Tange LN-3922 BB in BSA 73 - 113(,5) a thing?

    Yeah saw that SJS one, it'll be €80 once it gets here I'm afraid. Want to spend €25/30 as I need to mock up and see if it's a good fit to ride but won't buy a real cheap Shimano as I'll break it in a year.