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  1. trailwright

    MBK with Mountain LX

    I remember seeing an ad in MBUK for this exact model in early '89 and though how cool it was. Great to see one for sale. Edit: I see the ebay ad has the ad from the magazine too!
  2. trailwright

    Keep hoping

    Oh you cynic! We are witnessing marvelous optimism here
  3. trailwright

    Wanted NOS Shimano XT M-091 M-092 LH 3 speed shifter

    I think you've posted this to the wrong section!
  4. trailwright

    Help Identifying a Tange Prestige Frame

    Ah, so it does. I didn't see that photo! What forks are you going to put on it?
  5. trailwright

    Help Identifying a Tange Prestige Frame

    Have the gear cable guides been cut off? There's also no 'hole on the BB to position the plastic cable guide either. Very odd. Haven't a clue what it is unfortunately. Maybe an after market Prestige sticker on a non-Prestige frame?
  6. trailwright

    1989 Muddy Fox Limited Edition 16"

    Yep, well done. A cracking buy. Will look spot on with the same year Deore II groupset. Look forward to seeing it.
  7. trailwright

    Wanted 27.0mm seatpost XC Pro / Syncros or similar.

    I have a spare XC Pro 27.0. Not mint but in good condition nevertheless. If interested I can post some photos.
  8. trailwright

    1988 Cannondale SM700

    Very good condition and unrestored survivor. Check out the as new Muddy Fox tyres!
  9. trailwright

    Wanted Deore XT M730 Bottom Bracket or close equivalent

    Great, I'll pm you.
  10. trailwright

    Wanted Deore XT M730 Bottom Bracket or close equivalent

    Thanks. Right size certainly. Does it feel smooth?
  11. trailwright

    Wanted Deore XT M730 Bottom Bracket or close equivalent

    Yeah, like that but British thread and 68mm axle. I've seen that one, and there does seem to be a reasonable number of Italian versions, but not British.
  12. trailwright

    Suntour XC comp vs pro

    You might equally struggle to find XC Pro in nice condition cheaply to be honest. It commands a premium over Deore XT from the same period, and especially when you get into the later micro drive 8 speed groupset territory
  13. trailwright

    Wanted Deore XT M730 Bottom Bracket or close equivalent

    Hi all, Looking for one of the old style XT bottom brackets in very good or new condition, in the following spec: British thread, 68mm x 122.5mm axle. It needs to be XT as I want the silver axle. I will also be interested in similar Specialized versions, or even a fancy titanium piece at the...
  14. trailwright

    Auction listings for xtr front derailleurs seem to be twice the money of rear ones? looking for a front one without a re mortage...

    These are perfectly normal symptoms you have sir. First it starts in your mind as a bits and bobs lying about kind of build. Then you succumb to a dose of fleabay which implants a desire for matching componentry. You are then drawn into a downward spiral of seeing visions of NOS and rarely...
  15. trailwright

    Wanted Shimano XT BR-M734 NOS Black

    It's nearly what you're looking for, but whether they'll ship to Canada is another matter...
  16. trailwright

    Specialized rubber madness

    When money is no object.... Frustratingly I need these exact tyres for a current build, bugger...
  17. trailwright

    Wanted Catalogue spec build, 1994 GT Zaskar "items wanted"

    I see that now. I'd say £60 for a pair of steel forks that need a spruce up is pretty good. Some folk eh!