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  1. MatBH5

    1995 Roberts D.O.G.S B.O.L.X Team

    I’m pretty sure I have that catalogue, I’ll see whether I can see more ‘in hand’. Great score!
  2. MatBH5

    Roberts Dogs Bolx Team - be quick

    Wow, looks like the one IN the brochure
  3. MatBH5

    Toddler seats

    Yepp nexxt maxi (rear) did well here, the rack mount variety meant a slightly lower centre of gravity, and I felt more secure with it there. Was on up to about 4 yo, after that it’s only for short trips. Now on a trailer as I’ve two… 4 and 5.5, but they both prefer a follow-me tandem, meaning...
  4. MatBH5

    For Sale Campagnolo Pearl White OUTER brake and gear cables…

    Hi! Yep, I think it’s all still knocking around the garage, how much do you need?
  5. MatBH5

    Roberts road bikes

    I think Iveto1983 has it right.
  6. MatBH5

    Chas Roberts white spider ,yellow colour,mixed Shimano xt,xtr,lx

    It’s not got the 2-piece (3-piece) stays with the strengthened horseshoe like a DB though. So a White Spider specified with a wishbone?
  7. MatBH5

    Yetichaser’s White Spider

    Just like the brochure!
  8. MatBH5

    Wanted Campagnolo 9/10/11 road wheels

    Hello, I’ve got some Royce on Mavic open pro, but they are the darker rims. Based in Bournemouth. Correct 11-sp Campag freehub. Mat
  9. MatBH5

    Can anyone identify this Robert's?

    Possibly later ‘70’s with those details. Fastback seatstays would have been an option. I suspect predominantly Reynolds tubes but Columbus were used.
  10. MatBH5

    Tiny BOLX - £300

    Yes, now sold.
  11. MatBH5

    For Sale 2001 Santa Cruz Juliana Cushtail (hardtail) frame

    I’d love the Chris King if you’d split, please.
  12. MatBH5

    Tiny BOLX - £300

    I picked this is with a view to future use by my boys. It’s a 13” Dogs BOLX frame made by Geoff Roberts for his son, in 1994. Bought from Geoff himself. Will share photos if there’s interest.
  13. MatBH5

    Wanted Kona "boner" P2 cable hanger

    Yes, pretty sure it went to Spain - sorry
  14. MatBH5

    State of the industry: a running thread

    Thinking of you, Jon
  15. MatBH5

    This guy takes no hostages-M900 NOS/NIB craze

    An actual NOS rear mech..
  16. MatBH5

    Anyone clocked this on reddit yet?

    Oh yep! Smart paint and a Team Marin!
  17. MatBH5

    Anyone clocked this on reddit yet?

    I assume it’s a Marin… picture seems to have been removed. Which one?
  18. MatBH5

    Longstaff MTB trike (w.Pace fork) FREE

    And please don’t split for the fork!
  19. MatBH5

    Longstaff MTB trike (w.Pace fork) FREE

    If someone gets this, I’d love to see more detailed shots.