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  1. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Spankys fund the Vulcan sale

    Is it all sold then 😂
  2. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Fox Terralogic 100mm 1 1/8 Ahead 26in

    Tempted but I need to shift some stuff first
  3. nobby the sheep

    For Sale X fusion trace 27.5 fork £70 Ti45650b frame

    What travel are the forks ,also do you have any pictures please?
  4. nobby the sheep

    Sold Hope v-twin. Brakes

    Easter bump
  5. nobby the sheep

    For Sale 26” tyres various - fill your boots with boots

    2nd dibs on rip and rail please
  6. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Pace RC303, willing to split, Pikes, Hope Mini Mono's

    How much for the brakes if you split ?
  7. nobby the sheep

    Karma Orange C16r complete bike

    Damn it ,to late .would have been perfect for my youngest
  8. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Santa Cruz Juliana Frameset Women's Small

    Wish I had the spare cash ,this would make an excellent little ripper for my youngest
  9. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Manitou sx-r forks xtr price drop

    Price drop Forks £50 plus postage Xtr mech £30 plus postage
  10. nobby the sheep

    Steerer Tube Swap Shop - shorter for longer! NO SALES!

    I’ve a Pace 1 1/4 steerer 195mm ( total length) ,I’m looking for a 1” steerer (150mm from crown race to top ) anyone up for swappsies?
  11. nobby the sheep

    For Sale Scott, Orange, Kinesis Max light Frames

    If you was willing to post ( at my expense obviously) I’d be interested in the orange 🍊
  12. nobby the sheep

    Wanted Wanted - Orange Clockwork, Prestige or Alu O - 90-93

    Any chance of some pics please,maybe interested
  13. nobby the sheep

    Sold OffRoad Flexstem 1 Inch Quill

    Doh ,just pulled trigger on a set of boingy forks