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  1. Walterscot

    Sorted A few links from a new/ish Shimano 11 Speed chain - sorted

    Ping me your address by PM and I’ll stick a length of HG601 and/or HG701 in the post for you on Friday.
  2. Walterscot

    Massive auction of new bike bits

    Classic auction ending today but some potential bargains to be had?
  3. Walterscot

    Wanted WANTED:- Peugeot Perthus 753 62/64cm Frame

    I have an ’87 ANC Halfords Perthus in size 64cm I’d be willing to sell. Comes with original full chrome forks in pristine condition. Its not been built up since being professionally restored last year. £270 including postage in the UK.
  4. Walterscot

    Wanted Deore 9s rear mech

    Pretty sure I’ve got a RD-M510 in black in reasonably good condition among others. It’ll work fine with all Shimano 10s road shifters other than Tiagra 4700. I’m away for a few days if you don’t mind waiting until the end of the week for photos etc
  5. Walterscot

    Sorted Campagnolo Downtube Cable Stops

    Here’s a left hand stop in nearly-new condition to match the RH one in my original reply.
  6. Walterscot

    Sorted Campagnolo Downtube Cable Stops

    I’ve got a set. Not mint but all parts are pretty clean and functional.
  7. Walterscot

    Wanted 5/6 speed derailleur

    What you want?
  8. Walterscot

    Wanted Older, 26" wheel, steel frame for the taller gent.....

    22” 1983 Stumpjumper Sport. I believe this was the biggest size they did but happy to be corrected. Headtube is around 185cm so might be a bit small for you still. It was in a proper state when I got it from the original owner so it has been professionally refinished; metalwork is still...
  9. Walterscot

    Withdrawn Araya 26x1.75

    I have a pair of 36h Araya 7X rims that came off my ’83 Stumpjumper. Yours for £25 posted in the UK. They’re by no means perfect; one braking surface is more worn than the other but they still have life left in them. Would be good for an occasional rider rather than for daily use. As you can...
  10. Walterscot

    Depaint project | 1988 Stumpjumper

    Finally found some time (and a fish poacher from a local charity shop) to get the rest of the paint off the forks. My previous experiment with a pan of boiling water had worked well but only the lower half of the forks fitted in to even the biggest pan I had. So I had been on the lookout for a...
  11. Walterscot

    Wanted Colnago master

    It is, I’ll PM you more photos and info in the morning
  12. Walterscot

    2001 Specialized Stumpjumper M4

    29 speed must be the bike equivalent of Spinal Tap’s amp. Joking aside, that’s a nice bike. Interestingly yours must be the first year they came with disc brakes. In 2000 I saved up all my summer job money and bought a Stumpjumper (Manitou SX-R, Gulf colours, I still have it) which has Avid...
  13. Walterscot

    Restoring components. What have you done lately?

    Removing the paint is a little more involved than simply cleaning dirt off. And getting it off the frame is a whole other story. But I get your point.
  14. Walterscot

    Restoring components. What have you done lately?

    I’m in the middle of a long term project removing black spraypaint from a 1988 Stumpjumper that had been completely covered in it. Some nice bits under the paint and grime. WIP thread here:
  15. Walterscot

    Sold Shimano XT M730/732 QR skewers

    A pair of clean XT M730/732 skewers, original and complete. All of the rubber is in perfect condition with no cracks or splits. A small amount of rust on the underside of the levers as seen in photo 3. QRs have been disassembled, cleaned and reassembled and work perfectly. £30 posted anywhere...
  16. Walterscot

    Sold 26” Wheel: WTB Speedmaster on Mari Hub . Now £25 posted!

    Unbelievably an STX wheelset fell into my lap just after I said I’d take them this morning. So I’ll pass and let someone else grab these bargain wheels. Sorry to mess you around.
  17. Walterscot

    Sold 26” Wheel: WTB Speedmaster on Mari Hub . Now £25 posted!

    I’ll take ‘em off your hands then. I’ll PM you shortly
  18. Walterscot

    Sorted 10 spd Campy rear wheel (or wheelset) for Bianchi MegaPro XL; long cage rear mech

    I can’t help you with the mech but I have a couple of wheelsets that might be of interest. Campagnolo hubs with Bianchi NTH rims from a 1998 Mega Pro. 32h, SS spokes, bearings and freehub smooth with no play. Rims have little wear but decals are a little scrappy. £85 posted. Or a pair of...
  19. Walterscot

    Wanted Black/Dark 36h Ceramic Clincher Rims

    Whole wheelset with 13-23 Exa-Drive cassette, SS spokes, Velox rim tape and skewers (not pictured) £150 posted. Rims only £85 posted.
  20. Walterscot

    Wanted Colnago master

    Any Master? Any size?