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  1. NouuuYess

    Help identify frame with ritchey dropout

    Help identify this frame, it's fillet and brazed all around. is it some ridge deer? but I think ridge deer frame has raw weld in the head tube triangle. if it was any good frame, Is it worth to buy? the seller has the matching fork (tange rc94)
  2. NouuuYess

    For Sale 1997 manitou ht frame

    I don't have them, actually that is the condition when I got the frame. Except a Shimano BB was included.
  3. NouuuYess

    For Sale 1997 manitou ht frame

    ha, need to put it on imgur first
  4. NouuuYess

    For Sale 1997 manitou ht frame

    too many projects and new frame to hoard, so I am letting this one go 17 inch 👍 Beautiful condition 1997 manitou HT frame, decals and badge is still the original. Need some polishing tho. There are no cracks in the frame and no dents or dings headset reducer cups fitted to 1.1/8 down from...
  5. NouuuYess

    Wanted Manitou ht fs or Marin frs

    I have a clean ht frame no crack
  6. NouuuYess

    Yeti A R C??

    i agree it is a lot oof money for a frame that you know it will crack soon. I just found it in marketplace in Japan.
  7. NouuuYess

    Yeti A R C??

    probably my size, i am looking for small, and it is listed approx ~850usd with no fork
  8. NouuuYess

    Yeti A R C??

    what year is it this thing?
  9. NouuuYess

    Yeti A R C??

    13.5 extra small yeti arc... seems to no crack. worth to buy?
  10. NouuuYess

    91 Yo Eddy Paintjob

    yeah, grello would be hard to remade, i am towards the regular though.
  11. NouuuYess

    91 Yo Eddy Paintjob

    Morning, soo i finally got this 1991 medium Yo Eddy from my friend, and i wanted to repaint it. since i am not digging the custom decal so probably anyone knows any paintjob from '91. i kinda like the sapphire fade but it is from later year i believe 🤔. i feel like painting it sapphire fade but...
  12. NouuuYess

    brake levers worth?

    thanks for the advice, yeah i had the same problem. price range wise its on the same range but there is little demand for vintage bling. yeah import charge and shipping is pretty much trash
  13. NouuuYess

    brake levers worth?

    Vuelta is for sale, probably Will sell those kooka or techlite. but still thinking which pair of them for my next build. 😁
  14. NouuuYess

    Show us your BREEZER

    here's my first breezer ⚡⚡
  15. NouuuYess

    brake levers worth?

    so i have these levers laying around..... red kooka, blue tech lite, real design, and vuelta v brake
  16. NouuuYess

    Wanted Yo Eddy segmented fork or BOI

    Howdee, I’m looking for a straight blade 1” fork for a medium Yo eddy rebuild if anyone is looking to part with one. Thanks, Ryan
  17. NouuuYess

    Help identify... Ibis Mojo? S/S?

    help.. what ibis is this, and what year? seller states it is a 92 Ibis Mojo. but i am not familiar with ibis and this frame doesnt have that fancy handjob hanger? And btw the seller has quite nice frame at auction in japan such as bontrager Ti lite and Macmahon Titanium. Cheers!!
  18. NouuuYess

    Need help identifying frame

    not mine, i found it on auction in japan. Cant get over mint yeti kokopelli frame that too high just for a frame. So i kept looking and find this frame with oversized tubing, high polish. what is it?
  19. NouuuYess

    My 1990's GT Karakoram from 2010 - Tequila!

    yes, coda 701m and selle italia el diablo i think. with set of rolf dolomite