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  1. peetee

    For Sale NOS Cinelli XA and 64 - 42 Bars

    Postage is free, are the bars n stem free too?
  2. peetee

    Campagnolo v Shimano...again 😁

    I craved Campagnolo when I first started cycling and my best bike was covered in pre-index Campagnolo Record kit. Later on I loved the look of early Campagnolo Index groupsets. Elegant and classy IMO. I bought a 90’s Veloche groupset but I couldn’t get in with the ergonomics if the shifting...
  3. peetee

    rBoTM RBotM March 2024 - Open Month - Enter Now!!! Now!! Now!!

    My 1996 ish (confirmation/correction appreciated) Cannondale R500 triple. Bought two years ago from Face-ache Marketplace. It’s in spotless, as-new condition. Whoever owned it before didn’t get round to riding it more than a couple of yards. I did have an issue with a sticky shifter but that’s...
  4. peetee

    Death of the 5 arm 130 bcd triple?

    I’ve used it with Tiagra 4600 ten speed with no issues. That iteration of Tiagra was compatible with all the other 10 speed road systems of the time (105/Ultegra/Dura-Ace) as long as you used an double or triple mech as the shifters dictated. As it happens, at the rear you could swap in 7,8 or 9...
  5. peetee

    Death of the 5 arm 130 bcd triple?

    For what it’s worth, if you want your cake and eat it, in other words have your 9 or 10 speed Shimano shifters (but not including Tiagra 4700) and have unconventional chainring sizes, just substitute the front mech for a Campag 9 speed triple.
  6. peetee

    Death of the 5 arm 130 bcd triple?

    It’s mainly to do with the design of the front mech. From 9 speed (or thereabouts) the mechs have shift-assisting bulges on the inner plate that are exactly shaped to match the height of a specific tooth-count middle ring. Use a different ring and the bulge ain’t in the right place so you have...
  7. peetee

    Sold Shimano 500EX 2x7 Groupset £30 Posted

    The groupset arrived today. Full marks to Racin’Snake for the best bit of packing I have ever seen. I really must extend an invite when my Christmas wrapping needs doing! :D
  8. peetee

    STI shifter stuck.

    I’m looking for some suggestions as to how to unstick a RSX 7 speed shifter. I’ve come across this issue many times with older Shimano and spraying loads of GT85 in the workings does the job every time. Not this one, oooooh no. It’s from the Cannondale featured on this forum. The bike has prob...
  9. peetee

    Sold Shimano 500EX 2x7 Groupset £30 Posted

    There is. It’s going on my Ellis Briggs.😁
  10. peetee

    Sold Revell Romany 531c, 22½ C to T

    I owned one. Definitely 531ST and 700c. I've learned to look past the Reynolds label and seek out build quality and can confirm these are very nice frames indeed. They were marketed by Freewheel in the mid 80's and some of them were built by Mercian.
  11. peetee

    Work bikes

    That’s your route to work? Respect!
  12. peetee

    Paul Donohue

    Yes, I’d say they are Euclid. Yes, deffo Campagnolo - I didn’t mean to suggest it was another brand.
  13. peetee

    Paul Donohue

    Nothing on the chainset to tell me which model. Chainrings attach conventionally and the crank arms are not polished on the rear faces.
  14. peetee

    Paul Donohue

  15. peetee

    Paul Donohue

    Not sure yet. Going to do a proper inspection this afty. Deffo has front n rear XT hubs n mechs, DX thumbies and prob best of all, MA40 rims with very little scoring.
  16. peetee

    Paul Donohue

    Just got this little beastie today. Waaaaay too small for me but couldn’t resist it for several reasons. Needs a bit of post-layoff fettling but rides beautifully.
  17. peetee

    1995 Land Shark 753 OS Build Now Complete.

    Love it. Especially the lugs. Not seen that design before. Perhaps hand-cut to resemble waves?
  18. peetee

    1995 Land Shark 753 OS Build Now Complete.

    753OS is something I have never heard of. There was a 753 ATB so I wonder if Reynolds just used the oversized top and down tubes from the ATB set with road-sized tubes elsewhere to form the OS. That would match the relative diameters in other oversized sets such as 708 and 731. Sounds like a...
  19. peetee


    It’s a Mid 80’s Triomphe crankset. The Victory model was similar but the 5 arms tapered less severely towards the fixing bolts and didn’t have a ‘waist line’ before they broaden again at the ends.