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    Not bad, though I’d like a 52-42 chainset and 13-18 cassette, of course. 200 bikes and 50 frames.... I wonder who’s making them, and where did they get all that 753 from?!
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    Stupid innovations

    Technique #88... ...yup, the vacuum cleaner trick four minutes in works a treat.
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    Road Riding Youtube footage

    April 12th, 1981, Paris-Roubaix. In the front group heading into the velodrome, Roger De Vlaeminck, hoping to add to his four wins, and Francesco Moser, going for four in a row. Meanwhile, the lad in the Worlds jersey is somehow still around after a Sunday in hell and seven falls. You can just...
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    Road Riding Youtube footage

    Re: Re: Ouch! My Team Corsa 12 was (I think) a whopping £250 all-in, courtesy of the Bank of Mum and Dad. A great bike, and I'd love another one now.
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    Road Riding Youtube footage

    No RVV today, of course, so here's the very wet 1985 edition, when only 24 riders finished... Easy to spot Eric Vanderaerden in his Belgian champion's jersey, behind after a broken wheel, riding up a very slippy...
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    Raleigh Team Corsa 12 - 22 1/2" / 57cm

    Twenties bump
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    Raleigh Team Corsa 12 - 22 1/2" / 57cm

    If you have a 57cm 85/86 Team Corsa 12 (in the Weinmann/Panasonic team colours) in excellent condition and are looking to sell, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Eurosport under Sky threat

    Re: Re: Yup, an HDMI cable is all you need, or your telly may have some kind of screen sharing/mirroring for wireless. And..... Eurosport Player is on offer until end of Jan: ... nt=launch3 \o/
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    I can't Identify my new (old) Look vintage road bike!!

    Re: Your frame isn't a Look, fam.
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    one for the shorter gent...

    Needs bigger forks/wheels, shirley? As it is, the handling must be twitchy af, and that bottom bracket looks way too low for some suitably long cranks.
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    1986 SBDU Tt frame

    Re: Sure, the Dutch Panasonic team rode Big Ted's bikes in 1986; however, the British Raleigh-Weinmann team continued to use the white/red/blue/yellow livery that year, before becoming Raleigh-Banana. Of course, the frame in the listing has had a recent respray, so could have been anything...
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    Big Ring

    Re: Our hero... 130x15 ftw
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    Strange Team SBDU Raleigh Panasonic, wrong year?

    Re: Mid-80s Raleigh-Weinmann/Panasonic-Raleigh with early-90s Panasonic-Sportlife blue red yellow bits. (Prolly.)