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    Wanted Specialized Rockhopper or Stumpjumper

    no, sorry.
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    For Sale NOS 1988 Turbo Saddle, NOS Panaracer Smoke Lite Tyres

    Flite and Turbo are two completely different kinds of saddles. Flite is a narrow saddle, Turbo is wider and more like the "old" saddles from the eighties (Rolls,...). If you're a taller (and heavier) person, Turbo is probably a nicer and more comfortable feel. For smaller people, Turbo can feel...
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    BoTM BotM September 2021 - nominations

    WTF, what kind of month is this?? What a bikes...
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    For Sale Repro - MIG (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)

    What's the price of the Syncros seatposts? Thanks. Wim
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    The Road Bike How Much Thread

    What's this worth? A 1991 Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra frameset but the "hens' teeth version" in Columbus Max. tubing Original paint ("Team Kelme"). Very (very) good condition apart from a small ding in the top tube (hardly visible, no paint damage).
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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    Nice list! Happen to have any pics of the Bianchi Cross?
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    1993 Ritchey P-21

    That's really nice. I have a 1997 Project 20 (and a 2014 P Team) and Ritchey's are incredible bikes to ride. You shouldn't sell it.
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    94 Muddy Fox Monarch Ultra

    Sorry for littering your thread. :) Here you see my legs on my brother's 1994 Monarch Ultra. My brother used to ride for the Belgian MF Junior Team (1993-1994) and this was his team bike. I raced it for one day (had a major problem with my bike) and this pic was taken then. I envy your find so...
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    For the die-hard Muddy Fox lovers-a possible holy grail

    Thanks. :) I remember they changed to Monarch Ultra (or Pro?), the one built from Tange Ultimate tubing in the most beautiful blue. I really was a great fan of that one.
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    For the die-hard Muddy Fox lovers-a possible holy grail

    Is this really a 1991 bike? I've sent the ad to my brother. This was his first team bike ever. After some good results at the Belgian mtb scene, he was asked to ride for the Belgian MF junior team. He joined half of the 1993 season and this was the bike the junior team was riding back then...
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    Show us your Scott!!

    My 1991 Scott Boulder in "Tourer setup".
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    Wanted Syncros 1st gen seatpost (27,2/29,6 - 400 mm)

    As per title, I'm looking for a (reasonably priced) Syncros Hardcore seatpost. Diameter 27,2 or 29,6 but must be at least 400 mm long. Needs posting to Belgium. Thanks! Wim
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    Nice collection. The very first "classic" is still my favourite.
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    I have an Evolution for sale in case you want one...
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    Sorted 1992 to 96 steel GT 18"

    PM sent.