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    Sold KHS Ti Lite Titanium Mountain Bike with Full Shimano XTR

    I think it all evolves around the question what we want our retro bike community to be. I'd rather see it as a safe space where people do not take advantage of someone else's lack of knowledge. Other people might see it as a reflection of how society nowadays is. Cold and individual. I've...
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    I think the '90's are having a moment.

    72 degree headtube, 440mm stays to accommodate the 27.5” tyres. And that with modern groupset and a nice comfy wide steerer. Almost perfect!
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    Sold KHS Ti Lite Titanium Mountain Bike with Full Shimano XTR

    I second that. Glad to see it listed here. At the previous price it was more than likely picked up by someone who would flip it. Selling it in parts will further speed up the process as most people here build their bikes and are looking for missing items in that process. The XTR components...
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    Sold KHS Ti Lite Titanium Mountain Bike with Full Shimano XTR

    In parts worth at least triple that.
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    Klein scam re-run?

    Pick up only, I think there might be a few persons interested…
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    Identifying bike frame?

    Possibly a Sunn?
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    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    I still have the Experience, albeit as a frame only and stored for the moment. I have a couple of builds at the moment and I'm not really in need for another build up bike. So it's in storage, it doesn't eat bread as we say in Holland, but to be honest I probably pass it on to someone else. I...
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    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    Thanks everyone, I'm still very excited here. I have a few more pics I will share.
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    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    I could not resist obtaining this from a forum member. Someone who, just as me, has a strong affection for old quality Rocky Mountain frames. And this is one for sure. Hand build fillet brazed, in my size and with the original paint and decals. These simply don't turn up very often. It has the...
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    The price issue - again....

    Just put it on Ebay with a £1 starting price and no reserve. Post the link to it here on the right subforum. The price for what it sells is the most realistic price of your stuff.
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    Help ID this frame- guessing 91-93ish

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    Anyone recognise this headset?

    New Ritchey 1.1/8” threaded headsets are still easily available and they won’t cost much. Feels like a good upgrade for this lovely frame. Just make sure to check the stack height. And pics of your frame and project are always appreciated. Plenty of Rocky Mountain lovers here.
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    Please can anyone tell me what this frame is?

    Not sure what it is, but isn’t this aluminium not steel?