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    Wanted compact 44cm silver 26.0 bars (ideally from mid 90s)

    Starting to ride more road but struggling to cope on long distance with current bars I have (Dyna-Tech/ITM)... looking for a real compact bar thats at least 44cm or 46cm wide for my '95 Dynatech. Must be good condition and silver, I think current ones are 25.8mm dia but they slip in the stem...
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    Frame size question

    Personally I always measure C-C of seat tube and quote that but some manufacturers gave it differently I believe, Kona being one that measured C-T (I believe) as I always recall them being low and long (for a retro bike)...
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    The annoying sound of SQUEEKY (V) BRAKES!

    copper slip on the brake posts can help sometimes...
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    The Seatpost Man

    I know of another mechanic who used a fire extinguisher of some sort to do this freezing method...
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    Manitou 1's - missing internals! What do the missing parts look like?

    'Plastic locator' is the bush, this might be the hardest part to source I guess... there should also be a set of these on the inside of the lowers near the top (off memory)... pretty sure mine just had 2 elastomers per leg, they are now as hard as a push pop candy and pretty certain mine came to...
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    Taking a career jump into the cycle trade

    out of interest what new line of work you heading into, cycling related?
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    Taking a career jump into the cycle trade

    Some feedback for you dude... I made the leap, around June/July last year.... previously on a well-paid/high pressure job that had seen me grow a decent wedge to be able to stick my neck out and take a few chances in life and get myself into a better head space. I'm a qualified mechanical...
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    PINKBIKE is exhausting...

    I just cannot fathom how expensive the sport has got for decent kit, it's bonkers. So I started MTB @ 14yrs old, basically thought I was Martyn Ashton/Jez following watching all the vids of them lol... copied lots of the tricks. In just one year I folded 6 back wheels.... 6... from tricks. I...
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    PINKBIKE is exhausting...

    I'm turning 40 next year, been into MTB on/off since around '97 with 4 years of intense street and ramp BMX in my late teens/early 20s. The way that MTB has gone has certainly paved way for the 'gravel' brigade to form... I love riding offroad, not overly fast, not overly skilled but thoroughly...
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    Another F***ing Fuquay

    Just reading through this post reminds me I have this tucked away in the back of the workshop, hasn't see the light of day for nearly 2 years :s. Love what you've done to yours!
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    X-Lite black PSS saddle

    Still hunting....
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    Retromod - Di2 on a classic steel road bike - advice/links to those that have please?

    For anyone interested I've now pretty much nailed this build... Bike is dated as 1995 - it came to me completely stock and has a 1995 molding mark on the underside of the saddle, its a hybrid between the Dyna and M-Trax eras, hence Dyna decals and M-Trax paintwork (as featured on some of the...
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    Trying to date a wheelset - Mavic 204S rims?

    Trying to get intel on a wheelset which has Mavic 204S UB Control rims - i've searched what I can find online about these rims but very little :( Anyone any ideas of when they were knocked out, where they sat in the Mavic rim hierarchy etc. Any help much appreciated!
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    Retromod - Di2 on a classic steel road bike - advice/links to those that have please?

    Abandoned the Rourke as its too far gone :( Here is the donor bike, nothing like he described haha. Trying to age it, I think mid 90s between dyna and mtrax eras. Shimano 600 groupset & super clean!
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    X-Lite black PSS saddle