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    Retro MTB hierarchy

    Re: Thanks everybody. Had some good laughs and read some keen insights in your posts. Decided to go with a GT. Later - we'll see where this will take :) Cheers everybody :!:
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    Panasonic MC-Team Maastricht

    What a find! Don't see them often.
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    Retro MTB hierarchy

    Thanks man, will look into it!
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    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    Dig the frame and the funky yellow ;)
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    1993 and 1994 Yeti ARC Builds

    One word man - super cool. Ok, that's two :)
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    1989 Saracen Traverse

    Such a funky colour scheme - totally 90's :)
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    1993 Marin Pine Mountain

    Love that purple fork.
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    GT Bravado '97 Resto-Mod

    Really like the tyre choice here. And that 1x11? setup also makes sense.
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    1992 Zaskar + Spinergy Roks XE = question

    That is one 'killer' machine you got there!
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    WTB: 90's mtb full bike 20'

    Cheers mate, I will look into it.
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    Retro MTB hierarchy

    Lol. Cheers mate, that's a good answer!
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    Show us your Marins

    Really dig this one mate
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    Giant Pacer 1986 ish - Eighties Asia's mid-range finest

    Really dig the colour of the frame and how skinwall tires compliments it!
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    Retro MTB hierarchy

    Ok guys, Help needed :) After years of riding vintage road bikes, got into MTB's and now my head hurts! Like the pricing of these bikes are all over the place and it's hard for a beginner to understand really what's what. I mean, you can get a seriously good MTB bike from like GT or Marin for...
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    Ibis frame

    Beautiful, but with all the taxes added..