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    For Sale Fat Chance Titanium

    Interested in SID 98, XTR brakes and levers
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    Wanted Cushcore 26” inserts

    As per title, i’m looking for some 26” Cushcore tire inserts. They seem to be sold out everywhere in 26” 🥲
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    For Sale Thomson post 28.6 setback

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    So who is this Bernard? And how did this get to the UK in the Dawn of Time......

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
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    Suntour XC pedals

    Pretty light Suntour XC (Pro?) pedals, rider condition, champagne coloured cages. Please see pics. The good: pedal bodies are really nice and shiny. The bearings are smooth. Light, only 303 grams! The bad: scratches on cages, signs of toeclips been mounted. Looks like 2 plastic rings are...
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    Looking for Chris King R45 rear hub, silver, 32h, non disc

    Hi all, as per title, looking for a rear CK R45 rear hub. Must be silver, 32h, non disc Please PM if you have one for sale, cheers
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    fs Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB New Paradigm rear hub

    Re: fs WTB New Paradigm rear hub bump
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    For Sale NOS Suntour Superbe pedal cages genuine parts

    Re: Suntour Superbe pedal cages genuine parts Bump
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    Explosiv Team titanium prototype #1

    Re: Very cool :cool:
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    1990 (ish) Merlin Titanium dirt drop build

    Awesome build! :cool:
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    Jimi911's feedback thread

    Bought 2 hubs from jimi911, couldn’t be more happy! Well pleased with everything, thank you!!!
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    fs Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB New Paradigm rear hub

    Hi, nice New Paradigm rear hub from Wilderness Trail Bikes, 36h, 135mm. In excellent overall condition. Late nineties, regular body for shimano cassettes. Minor cosmetic marks on the body besides the lacemarks from the spokes.. please see pics, smooth bearings so technically in excellent order...