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    Get a grip

    ESI Chunky for me as well. Super comfy. Easy to install. Not too awful to remove either.
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    Cockpit-Eye-View shots only. Post them here!!

    I sometimes launch down this drop near my house but today...nope. Bars look strangely wide with this 0.5x lens. The regular 1x lens makes bars look normal. Plus a better view of landing.
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    Stop bleeping at me! And winking….I think it’s W R O N G ….

    Tech/data can be fun but the beeps during a ride (especially someone else's beeps) would get annoying quickly.
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    Newby here - Which bike would you choose?

    Diamondback or GT for me I think. 19" or 20" frame as mentioned above. I'm 6'0" and my '97 Rockhopper is a 19" frame.
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    BoTM BotM October 2021 - The Vote

    I could have used 3 votes. It was tough to narrow it down to 3; even more difficult to pick 1 of those 3. Nice bikes this month!
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    Grip shift - enlighten me

    I like Gripshift. My '97 Rockhopper came with them and I'm still using them. My bike has SRT-400i. The brake levers are Dia-Compe DP-7. As for grips...I cut the ends off my original grips many years ago when I wanted to try bar ends. Recently I was trying a few different grips (no more bar...
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    Specialized Rockhopper year?

    I forgot to ask...where did you find the 1997 catalogue? I didn't see it on this site but I've been looking for one.
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    Specialized Rockhopper year?

    I was going to say...looks very similar to my 1997 Rockhopper A1 FS. Cranks, stem, grip shifters, and logo placements. The above catalogue photo shows it well.
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    BoTM BotM September 2021 - The Vote

    That took awhile to decide. Got it narrowed down to four, then three. Eventually voted for one but good selection of bikes this month.
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    Show us your Specialized

    '97 Rockhopper A1 FS. I bought this in 1997. Never rode it much and spent many years in the basement being stored. Recently got it out and I've been changing things part by part to make it a bit more comfy to ride, mainly bars and stem. I still have all the original parts though, well except the...
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    BoTM Botm August 2021 - bonded special. Cast your votes

    So many good choices. Made my pick though and not second-guessing my decision.
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    The MTB Introduce Yourself Here Thread V

    Hello all from Wisconsin. I was doing some research on '90s bikes and stumbled onto this site through Google images. I recently dusted off my old '97 Rockhopper, which I bought new way back then for college and then never rode, and started riding it again for some variety from my usual single...