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    Sold 'lil 15" Schwinn Moab frame

    What type of disc adapter fits?
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    Traitor Exile

    Cool, learn something new everyday.
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    Traitor Exile

    Different Roberts, these are Chas Roberts decals.
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    Traitor Exile

    The only info I can find is 4130 Japanese double-butted chromoly and Long Shen lugs, but it seems nicely put together.
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    Traitor Exile

    I picked this frame up NOS from a local bike shop who had it knocking about in the warehouse for 10 years, It's never been built but had a few chips from storage. There isnt a great deal of info on the frames online but Traitor were a sister company to make road stuff from their more popular...
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    Is a 11 speed road cassette on 8-10 speed road hub not compatible?

    11 Speed mtb cassette might go on as long as it clears the spokes i.e. you dont go massive with the cog size. 11 speed road cassettes require the longer freehub body, 11 speed mtb cassettes fit on a 10speed freehub body. Strange but true.
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    Azonic DS1 powder-coat colour

    Cheers, I've got a 26" bmx that I use mainly for pumptracks and was looking for something like that.
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    Azonic DS1 powder-coat colour

    What are those tyres like?
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    For Sale Ritchey WCS Nitto 27.0 Seat Post

    How deep are the scratches? Would they wet and dry out?
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    1998 GT Zaskar restomod

    You've done that old girl proud
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    Carbon shoes through the washing machine.....thoughts?

    Putting any sort of shoe in the washing machine usually ends badly, warm soapy water and a stiff brush with a rinse under the hose should see them right.
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    For Sale BLB Classic Single Speed frame and forks

    I think he's got something else lined up now, i'll let you know if he wants more info
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    For Sale BLB Classic Single Speed frame and forks

    I've got a mate who was after something like this, i'll send him the link.
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    For Sale Kona Kapu 1995

    How much for the stem?