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    GT Pantera AL 1992? - Crawley
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    Wanted Marin 1993 seatpost clamp - black

    Just picked up a very original Bear Valley SE. Only thing missing is the seat post clamp. Anyone have one - ideally in black... although I can paint if needed. Cheers Simon
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    Trek 750 MultiTrack - 1996 - Ebay
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    Help identifying this Raleigh

    Thanks Keithglos + Midlife I really can't find a frame number... but looking at some Europas the seat stays are a single piece that wraps around the seat tube. There are lots of similarities. Once I strip the paint back I'll look out for the frame number.
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    Help identifying this Raleigh

    Can you help? I've been gifted this sorry looking Raleigh. I really like it and it's exactly my size. Before restoring I need to know what it is. Can you point me in the right direction. I was thinking 70s Grand Prix - but I'm not sure. I'm normally a 90s MTB person... but want to give this a go.
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    Work bikes

    Re: 2.2" Rapid Rob tyres didn't leave much room! Still work well.
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    Work bikes

    '97 Marin Pine Mountain '97 Marin Pine Mountain. Came to me in a bit of a mess. Kept the original parts and added quick coat of paint. Use it for most things now. Really comfortable.
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    XT 739, MARIN, UN72. All gone or withdrawn

    Re: Saddle please. Will PM.
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    Klein Pinnacle - Brighton Facebook - £50

    Seems genuine.... I just don't think she knows what she's got!
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    Klein Pinnacle - Brighton Facebook - £50

    I would - but I haven't got the space at the moment. ... 957435448/
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    Marin Sausalito F+F 91 - 92

    Re: Could be. I'm gonna build it from the parts bin anyway. Do you have any pics? Would you be able to post? How much? Cheers.
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    Marin Sausalito F+F 91 - 92

    Not strictly MTB... I'm looking for a frame and forks. Cheers Simon
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    Marin, Orange, or Merlin?

    Re: Is this a Marin? I don't think it is a Marin. Marin run the 2 gear cables under the down tube... just a single brake cable along the top tube. Looks like an Orange to me? viewtopic.php?f=6&t=335815
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    davemev feedback!

    97 Marin Rockstar forks... Just as described. Nice quick delivery. Will be perfect for my project. Cheers Dave
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    Forks - Marin Rockstar - Threadless

    On the later 90s frames with Maintou Fork option (I think 96 / 97 ish). I'm after the rigid Rockstar Fork. It's actually for a '99 Eldridge Grade - but by then there was no rigid option. Frame size is 20.5 if that makes a difference. What have you got? Cheers Simon