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    Decent bike workshops in the East Mids?

    I know its now 3 years since asked, but for future information and anyone else looking try Bob Warner Cycles on Sparkenhoe Street Leicester. Its old school bike shop, a serious time warp back 60 years. theres a video of the guy on youtube done by someone....not by himself.
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    Help identifying a bike

    In time I'll replace it, I plan to get and slightly mod a Raleigh twenty or the like
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    Help identifying a bike

    Thanks. No need to apologise it was kinda bought just for that purpose. To keep thieves off when shopping, pub, pootling round town after I had my 97 rockhopper stolen in January. Heartbroken Just that I like old bikes.....and I dislike cheap new ones and therefore wondered what this was when I...
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    Help identifying a bike

    My first post so hope this is in the correct place. Please can anyone help identify this bike? The handlebars, brake levers etc are obviously not original. There is a serial number see photo, the bottom bracket appears to be a 68mm shell so would I be right in thinking that excludes Raleigh of...