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    Serial Number GT STS Dh

    That is exactly so. Basically a Medium 1998 STS-DH.
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    Bontrager Race '91 - Build Thread

    Looking fab! I'm not sold on the SRP crank bolts either. Me, I'd be looking for Crank-O-Matics or similar pale gold one key release bolts/caps.
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    Yeah, because Boxxer is something like +10 with an offset, they're not IS, so on a Boxxer with spacers to take up the lateral difference your XC4 probably fits a Boxxer more or less like an IS brake fits any other fork. Problem is on the rear its IS, so you need to somehow cover that missing 10mm.
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    What brake is it? Looks like XC4? When mounted direct to IS mounts they were (somewhat unusually) 150mm rotor front, 130mm rear. You'd be better off to seek a DH4, Enduro 4 or early Mono 4. They're effectively a -10 on whatever adaptor you use.
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    1991 Scott Evolution Pro

    Excellent project! Keep the paint, find rough parts to match, that's my philosophy.
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    Mr Ox's AMP B3

    Looking jolly excellent so far, I really like where it's going. I'm quite keen to do a B2 or B3 myself!
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    Awesome build! I'm putting together a '49 cantilever Schwinn bomber, when I'm a bit closer I'll post it up.
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    Bontrager Race '91 - Build Thread

    Really keen to see how this ends up, beautiful frame. Might be the first Bonty/Manitou combo I've seen.
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    John Rader invented the Aheadset - who introduced OVERSIZE?

    To be fair, that's not much different to how they were all the way through, with that absolute garbage 'solution' of a friction O-ring for preload retention being no better (probably worse) than just machining out the threads. Surprise, surprise as soon as the patent expired on the split wedge...
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    John Rader invented the Aheadset - who introduced OVERSIZE?

    Tioga must have been hawking 1-1/8" components to potential customers from at least '88 to have them on production bikes from various companies in '90. I have two 1990 Shoguns in 1-1/8" (Shogun being a 3rd-party manufactured house brand of Marui/Oriental Boeki, like Tioga) with complete Avenger...
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    Trek Mogul Black Diamond Forks (1993?)

    They were made for Trek by Showa and, in the period when they were selling Matrix parts etc as aftermarket, they were available on their own. They have some degree of commonality with the forks sold by Tioga (also of Showa manufacture) at the time.
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    An FSX Inspired 1994 Specialized S-Works M2 (Finished pics page... 16!)

    Great work so far! A red M2 of some sort is definitely on my list. Much as I love those Azonic stems they are a bear to fit and remove; you did the right thing in not removing too much material because when over tightened the top surface dents or cracks.
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    All the cool guys ride 1989 Nishiki Aliens (Eddie Van Halen)

    You've seen elf on the shelf, now get ready for...
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    gt rts now complete more pics as requested :)

    Re: gt rts now complete Top notch build! Lovely bike.
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    Protecting patinated parts with clear coat

    I'd go with a wax or one of the above sealant products. I think a permanent coating has about an equal chance of just trapping rather than preventing rust, case in point, not many factory clear over 'raw' steel bikes resist corrosion for long even in ideal conditions, and at least with an oil or...