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    rBoTM RBOTM - July 2022 - Open Month - Enter Now!!!!

    This is my Falcon Black Diamond, back from a respray. The rebuild has just started with bottom bracket, gear lever and cable guide and brake cable hangers attached. There's a way to go yet... More details and lots of before shots at my website:
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    Chain stay protectors

    I've got decals on the chain stays already, so a clear protector is the best option.
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    Chain stay protectors

    After some opinions here. I've just had my Falcon Black Diamond frame resprayed and am building it back up now. I want to preserve the paint job as long as possible. The bike didn't have a chain stay protector fitted - what do people think about fitting one? I was thinking a clear one like...
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    Oh no, another flippin' what Falcon is this thread? 😁

    I've got a 1978 Black Diamond. My brakes are dated Sep 1977. The decals are very different to yours though. Lots of pics on my website (link in signature). I've just got the frame back from being resprayed so just starting to rebuild it.
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    Falcon Black Diamond - rebuilt

    That's a lovely looking Black Diamond. I'm waiting to get mine back from the resprayer so I can rebuild it. It's a 1978 so later than yours. Can't beat them in red though.
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    Identify earlyish lugs

    @Mandobob that’s an interesting version of the badge. That makes 3 designs I’ve seen now. The other two have “Designed by Ernie Clements” on a dark blue background at the bottom, rather than the 3 lines on black like yours. The difference between those is that one has “Made in England“ on the...
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    Identify earlyish lugs

    @Mandobob did you find out any more about this badge? I’ve just acquired one and was hoping you would know about it, but I see you’re after info too. Like you, it looks genuine because of the typeface, but it was this one I’d ever seen.
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    Falcon Black Diamond

    I've acquired some old Falcon catalogues and added them to my website here
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    Falcon Bike Vintage

    I've added a few catalogue scans, and some other Falcon bits I've acquired, on my website at, hope they are of interest.
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    Falcon catalogue

    I have a few Falcon catalogues I've collected: 1970, 1973, 1980?, 1983 and some other printed bits and pieces. Copies are here
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    FanBoy Badges Vote Now

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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    @badgermat I have a few Falcon catalogues, and some other items (team poster, price card, bits from magazines) that I've collected and added to my website. You can have a look here @Mandobob if you're collecting frame numbers I can let you have...
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    Yes. I have a 1978 Black Diamond (still doing it up). I've found a couple of original tops...

    Yes. I have a 1978 Black Diamond (still doing it up). I've found a couple of original tops online which I now own. And have started collect a few catalogues and other Falcon related items, I've listed them on my website
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    Where to mount my pump?

    So I’ve got a dilemma. The pump on my Falcon was originally mounted under the top tube using Matex plastic pump pegs. The diameter of the top tube is 25mm, but I’ve only been able to source 28mm replacement Matex pump pegs. They will fit the seat tube. I have managed to pick up some black metal...
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    Falcon Black Diamond

    I’ve cleaned the old bell up now. ... g-my-bell/