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    For Sale Thomson Elite 27.0 Seatpost - black

    Price drop to £60 bump
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    Wanted Titanium 120mm stem

    Looking for a 4 bolt clasp titanium ahead stem in 25.4mm if anyone has one for sale.
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    For Sale Thomson Elite 27.0 Seatpost - black

    Very nice condition in-line post in the rarer 27.0 diameter with original bolts and washers. Price £60 plus postage. Uncut at 315mm length. PayPal F&F plus postage where needed.
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    Wanted: Thomson seatpost, 27.0mm

    Just about to list one for sale if still looking?
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    Ritchey, Syncros Ti & ODI

    All items now sold
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    Ritchey, Syncros Ti & ODI

    Hi, as it happens, yes I've still got em'! PM and will sort you out.
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    Syncros Easton Hardcore bar £££s

    Look time ago but I think it was around €160
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    1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna

    It's really great that you got an example with the original decals and Kona seat collar. Would love to read a ride report and see how it changes with the tweeks to suit your needs. There is really a lot you can do here in refinement of the build :- a straight bar, a Flite or Vetta SL, less...
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    Those Cindercones are lovely frames to ride. I had exactly the same frame - smooth light with quite the right amount of snap.
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    For Sale Race Face seatpost 27.0

    Price reduction
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    Kona Hot Serial Number List:

    THAT is a beautiful fade. And a really stunning early example. Maybe the first custom fade so far on record? As Pip as already said, please don't respray. Finding a correct colour match white should be easy enough from a hobby shop (you could test out the colour match on a small section to...
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    For Sale Dia Compe SS7 Brake Levers

    Good price that
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    Kona King Kahuna '98 - TST factory tabs

    Been a while since I updated this build thread. Although I'm aware that there has been various other KK builds since, this is to round off where I got to when I completed this build at the beginning of the year. I'll update the later thread with where I subsequently took the build, after these...
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    For Sale Race Face seatpost 27.0

    Still available