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    Feature Bike Richard Thackray Original Team Pace F1 - Restoration Thread - Completed

    Re: Dave Dave Dave Dave DAVE! What the hell have you been up too! This is fantastic and hope to see it one day in the flesh. I knew it would be good - having been lucky enough to have spent a little time with your excellent RC100 but this is on course to surpass even that. I think it's fair...
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    Early DeKerf Mountain frame

    Re: Yes, it's mine! I had begun to wonder if there was still interest for quality 26 inch frames... hence using Ebay to find the current value. I have had offers out of ebay but declined due to being on their naughty step for buying something outside of their platform - and denying them...
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    1993 GT Bravado LE in Team Scream

    I'm usually pretty good at working out the value of things but this is slightly different... Back in the day my mate bought a 1993 GT Bravado LE (full XT and desirable team scream colour scheme), I liked it that much that I steamed down to the local bike shop and purchased a Marin IFT...
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    USE Suspension seatpost

    Price Drop Bump!
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    1991 Marin Amberwall Wire Bead Cheng Shin Tyre - good nick!

    If you're looking for one tyre to make a nice pair - ahem! £25 posted. Logo and sidewalls all good. Tread excellent ... tizsdvTx_A ... tizsdvTx_A ... JyDoBquPlg...
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    Wire bead NNOS Tioga Amber Wall Wonder Dawg

    As picture, lovely NNOS... been mounted but still has rubber spikes. Logo is A1. £35 plus £5 post. ... 5GRrbjaS0w ... bPwEGdPkkg ... rpIh9xnOiw...
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    USE Suspension seatpost

    Really nice condition - doesn't look like it's seen the inside of a seat tube. Bounces as should slight marks on clamping system - usual 25.0 shim arrangement... If you're lucky i might be able to karma the right sized shim for you... Pics below, very tidy... £25 posted...
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    KARMA Martini T-shirt

    If it's UK only then yes please!
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    Mayhem 2020 cancelled due to apocalypse

    Re: Mountain mayhem 2020 Unfortunately not - one of the Yorkshire mob... Shame they'll be no Irn Bru in glass bottles, I won't be able to collect them up and get the deposit back!
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    Mayhem 2020 cancelled due to apocalypse

    Re: Can I get on the Northern five man team please?
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    Broken 100/200GS?

    Re: That's the beast - and he has to learn... we did! Once he's learnt, i might stick some later tidy alivio rapidfire jobbies I have laying around! I'll send you a pM... Cheers!
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    Cheap V twin,

    Re: Indeed... it was like walking out of the door at the Hope shop (without the open wallet surgery!) :lol: :lol:
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    Broken 100/200GS?

    Tis OK Andy... I think all that is wrong with the LH Shifter is the missing screw. If I cant source one, I've got some 7 speed Alivio...
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    Cheap V twin,

    Re: Well that was quick! Arrived at 9.00am this morning with the best packing I've seen in ages and the kit is as new! Bargain!
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    Broken 100/200GS?

    Anyone got a broken 100/200GS shifter lurking in the spares box please? I'm building up a 1991 Marin Bolanis Ridge for my 10 year old lad and the left hand shifter is missing the cross head bolt that secures the bottom cover and holds the mechanism in place. I could put better gear on for him...