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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    Lol I have to say Campag Cantilever brake levers are the most abhorrent dogs dinner of a lever of all time
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    With your addiction to Claud B’s you know the “road less travelled” has already been re-named Peachy Avenue ….. so what you waiting for break out the Campag and do something different Dare you to send a picture when it’s done to Steiner Designs Spud
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    Personal Weight Weenie, FINISHED Pg10 (for now)

    Christ Chris - if I bumped into you now I wouldn’t recognise you anymore - aside from looking younger your propper dapper in that photo
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    **SORTED** Help with gearing Deore XT FC-M8000 1x11

    Oh to be fit enough to run out of gears …
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    ** Mountain Mayhem 2022 - Might as well be positive

    Just re read the thread - Happy anniversary LGF
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    Tom Have you still got the DiskDrive bundle for sale as I have a project in mind that this...

    Tom Have you still got the DiskDrive bundle for sale as I have a project in mind that this would suit ? to avoid wasting each others time - I'm sure you've had plenty of dreamers, I'm willing to go to £2,500 Regards Nick
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    Tioga Disk Drive John Tomac Signature

    @ Tom B/B - PM coming if still for sale
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    1992 San Andreas Mountain Cycle

    I’ll bet you spaffed your load when you spotted that what a great find - pleased for you
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    Lol theres even a camper van in the background like Yakboys
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    🤣Tres Amigos having a midlife crisis, ..... I'd feel slightly dirty though riding with you two on your post 97 Bikes
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    What a shame some nob has turned it upside down and scratched the bars and brakes, guess you could flip the bars over so its facing downwards the shifters will be swapped out leaving the Magura and a Peachy touch up job required with Humbrol paint. Leaving only the twin stems
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    Great score - After a good clean and a Peachy wax + some M950 it'll be proper TOP BOSS
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    1998-9 Porsche Bike S

    just been re-reading the whole thread ... when will be get to see the Porsche and the Lotus together next to the now familiar gate at the bottom of your garden in 10 acre field I believe we will also be welcoming another Porsche to forum soon
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    Thermoplasticfantastic Scott Endorphin 1997

    out of interest what are you going for - Faux carbon fibre dip - or a cartoon character one