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    It seems I neglected to post the top 10 “winners’” rosette photo. Not taken it off yet. Haven’t even cleaned the bike. I’m pleased that after re-reading the whole thread I have hopefully satisfied those who said it must be ridden but to whom I previously stated I wouldn’t. And it didn’t break...
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    Just a little 😅 Stress induced insomnia means lots of RB time. Plus I really needed to remind myself of what exactly I did with this build as I wasn’t sure if certain things when people were asking at Malverns. I think I spouted a few untruths in regaling certain folk of the history of this...
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    Could it POSSIBLY get worse than this!!? Shirley .. NOT

    But if one needs them, one has to pay for them. ‘Tis the way of the retromtb world.
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    Cheers. Got it NOS from US ebay. Then I painstakingly redrew all the graphics and cut them from vinyl (using plotter, not by hand!) to get a team-style Troy Lee lid. My friend Aaron Faust still has his original from riding on Team Yeti as a trials rider, so I took photos when I visited to get...
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    Wanted M9000 XTR spd’s

    M9000 are hardly retro. (Great pedals though - I use M9020!) Try ebay or FB Marketplace 👍
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    Time for a slight update... I decided to make a few tweaks before taking it to the 2021 GT Bicycles Malverns Classic last month and braved the competition to enter it into the Muc-Off 'Retro Show & SHine', judged by a prestigious and noteworthy panel of judges including Retorbike's own Chris...
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    For Sale Xtr m910, m900 parts

    Thanks - easy mistake to make even if you knew/remembered ‘the rules’! Beautiful set.
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    For Sale Xtr m910, m900 parts

    What did they sell for? Can you repost the pics for future reference. Note: you are meant to leave sold prices in original advert. Thanks
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    Wanted Colorful onZa ski bends

    Bump - neon yellow and/or neon green would be perfect 🙏
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    Wanted Manitou 2 Steerer/Crown 1 1/8"

    Sorry Jon 🤦‍♂️ I told you a week ago I'd look but I have totally forgotten. Are you still looking?
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    Wanted XTR M900 Left Shifter Spare Cover

    Hey Matt I have a full M900 left shifter unit - not 100% sure on its shifting performance (was okay when I removed from bike a few years ago). I was going to keep for spares but PM me and I'm sure we can do a deal. :) Regan
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    Camping at the malverns

    Malverns Retrobike WhatsApp:
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    Camping at the malverns

    No don’t use that - that’s for my daily porn, memes and sicko photos fix. I’ll create a new one. You and I can add as needs must.
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    Camping at the malverns

    Sounds reasonable