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    For Sale Bargain Basement! All Has To Go!

    Headsets may be useful for me particularly the 1 inch one. How long is the RF Stem? Sorry to hear of your situation.
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    Sold Orange Friction Addiction grips

    Interested if they've not sold already.
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    Sold Original USE decals

    Ok I'll have one too then please.
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    Sold Original USE decals

    Same interest and question of price
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    The unicorn bike paradox

    Also.... as a result of this thread reminding me.... In addition to my real world modest unicorns I mentioned. posh/exotic(?) bike Itches I might need to scratch to add my Unicorn list: * Roberts Dogs BOLX, maybe look at a modern version - would that be as nice?... * and/or Yates Cats Whiskas...
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    The unicorn bike paradox

    I Joined here about 13 years ago. My first impulse was to look for a 1990 Pink Muddy Fox. Seeker Mega. Nothing special a 500LX bike at best. Still haven't found it. I've almost got a frame but not quite right. I'm less bothered now but if anyone has one at a sensible price... Equally I'm after...
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    For Sale PACE RC35 KEVLAR

    PM sent
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    Al Carter Black Panther - Leyland

    Ah interesting! Will have to have a closer look at my Yokota, maybe it's also churned out of a similar place, it's also black same era, Taiwan I think and 1 1/4 head. Strange but kind of cool to see on a steel frame. Will have to make a point if not spending £130 on it somehow. Already £37 in!
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    Al Carter Black Panther - Leyland

    I suppose that's what I'd expect, my memory of Marin was slightly more special though, maybe not as special as say an orange. Got a '92 Bear Valley on the task list...
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    Al Carter Black Panther - Leyland

    Has anyone actually ridden one of the Al Carters? Any good or as bad as a Townsend? Used to have em at my LBS BITD so do have a soft spot. Was tempted but already rebuilding a Yokota!
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    For Sale MTB - Deore/DX parts.

    Yes please for rear mech. Also brakes if you can combine postage. PM coming
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    Sold 1992 Orange Prestige Ritchey Logic XT/DX 19'' ***SOLD PENDING FINAL ARRANGEMENTS***

    Oh new price. Makes it tempting, if not already sold.
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    Offroad Proflex 550 - Bridlington

    It's not impossible I do have materials! Hmm 🤔
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    Offroad Proflex 550 - Bridlington

    What a beauty. I'm just not quite close enough!
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    Sold RIMS!! NOS and VGC Mavic...

    PM coming for 117 Edit: Sorry 44Racing, didn't see your post here on page 2. Interested in buying if not sold. :)