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    SOLD: 1988 Marin Bear valley project

    Re: 1988 Marin Bear valley project Still available bump
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    SOLD: 1988 Marin Bear valley project

    I have a bit of a lack of space issue - so I'm letting this one go, looking for around the £120 mark It's been used as a commuter, so various parts have been changed out over time Frame: Size 18.5", Paint not perfect, theres rust spots here and there and around the chainstay has a lot of paint...
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    Mid 80’s S&G cycles Araya

    Yup, ARY, for araya, then F is month, (June) then 4 represents 1984 if I understand it correctly
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    1997 Orange C16R, Slime Green

    Re: Great to see it coming together.. I can't apologise enough for not spotting the damage to the rim. Frame looks better for a clean too! :P
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    Clockwork Orange 92/93

    Re: Nice to see the slightly less common Suntour option on a Clockwork of that era. I remember having that same set BITD Also loving the purple/orange fade. That's a classy ride mate!
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    Better described as a Muddy Fox!

    Ah yes - From what I remember he used to ride the winter's trail
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    SP's £6 posted sale

    PM'd for pedals...
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    S&G/Araya "muddy city", mid 1980s city bike frame ... SwsnFe1OZV This is a "muddy city" S&G by araya frame, I know this because I have one that I restored in this thread local to me, I Might be able to help with collection/courier if anyones interested.
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    Araya Muddy Fox MF26-I SPR

    Lovely that is
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    1991 Marin Sausalito (Hybrid/City bike)

    I'm well pleased with how this turned out, it's certainly retro-mod rather than a retro restoration. I'm get a kind of perverse pleasure from the '80s 4 finger brake levers and modern tektro cyclocross style brake combination :lol: Mixing the eras has never made so much sense...
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    Tatty 1997 Orange C16R Project **NOW SOLD**

    Re: Re: Sorry there is always something I forget to mention Sheffield S7
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    Tatty 1997 Orange C16R Project **NOW SOLD**

    Re: Extra bits.....
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    Tatty 1997 Orange C16R Project **NOW SOLD**

    Tatty but with potential - hence looking for around 80 Quid Frame in Slime green, lots of paint loss and surface rust Decals knackered, Black F7 fork Wheels are FIR rims the original orange factory stickers just about still attached XT rear mech, newer Deore front mech. front shifter missing...