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    Good value friction thumb shifter?

    I used these BITD, they are good.
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    H20 - real or repro

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    Anodising Recommendations Who Prep/Polish

    No matter who you use, you need to spell out exactly what you are expecting.
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    Anyone machine a stem steerer clamp ?

    You need to find out where the problem is using callipers or such.
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    Collection and sending on from Manchester, Old Trafford area

    Possibly, although life is very busy at the moment and you’d probably have to wait until the weekend!
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    Cook Bros Crank Restoration

    It might still be anodised.
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    Is there a market for reproduction parts?

    Its been hard enough to get UK companies (well 50% of them) to answer the phone / reply to emails in the last year. One company I deal with regularly takes 2-4 weeks to reply to emails, the company has one of those sales departments where you can only deal with the one person. Lots of other...
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    Is there a market for reproduction parts?

    Brass Ferrules?
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    People, lend me your brains! (help ID a frame)

    Any update on this?
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    Is there a market for reproduction parts?

    Been there, done this. Most stuff was more hassle than it was worth, after you've made the parts (or had to deal with another company who don't always do what you are expecting). You then need to anodise / zinc plate / blacken. I've had problems with all of these process's. An anodising company...
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    Bright ideas for spreading dropout - not widening OLN?!

    Can you get a nut and bolt in there and undo them to open it out?
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    Royce / Hope BB Tools

    Hi, I'm thinking of making some more Royce / Hope (I think they are the same?) BB tools. They will be Zinc Plated rather than stainless steel. Anyone interested? I have a couple here I made in titanium too. Also, I may make some tools for Hope Disc Spiders, depending on interest.
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    Apt name for a mtb

    Mud F**ker.
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    Goodbye to ebay !

    It is when they know its happening, anmd they are aware that that seller has done it before (like they admitted to me). Anyway, I got him back.