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    Sold X-Lite NOS Brand New Stem Plug (ahead caps)

    I'll take the other Blue one please!
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    For Sale FS: Control Tech, Answer, XT, Fizik, Oury, Odyssey. Lovely lot!

    2nd I’m line for the Answer bars if they don’t sell to Matt-k please
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    For Sale Jerseys & shorts…Ritchey, Cannondale, Klein, Ventana

    Hi there, I'll take the Aplinestars one please. Will DM Dave
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    For Sale XT 730 bits, reduced....

    Do you still have the shifters? Cheers!
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    Swap NOS Onza Racing Porc’s 2.10 Kevlar

    No worries mate!
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    Swap NOS Onza Racing Porc’s 2.10 Kevlar

    Hi @Rog I've got these that might work?
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    Wanted Cannondale P-Bone Fork

    Hi guys, Came across this thread as I'm searching for some P-Bones too. Did you get sorted @OJDMavic ? Very interested in yours @Imlach if they are still lying around! Sorry for the post hijack just been looking for ages. Thanks, Dave
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    For Sale Mostly NOS Small Parts, one23, T Gear, Ultimate Machine Company…

    Hi there @Star12 I’ll take the set of Red Kool Stop pads please. Will drop you a PM Cheers!
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    1995 DBR Vertex - FB Marketplace

    Just spotted this, seems like a good deal to me!
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    Sold Answer Rocker seatpost

    I'll take this please mate, will drop you a PM. Cheers!
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    Scott Endorphin 1997

    Hello! I've got myself an Endorphin frame and to join a Pace I'm building in the same spec as Mint Sauce's bike I fancy going down the same route and building this one as a replica of Colemans Endorphin seen in the calendar. Currently being green I'm planning on stripping the frame down and...
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    Sold Lovely Scott X Rod pilot black bar £12 posted…

    I’ll take these please @prezza Will DM!
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    For Sale FRM lightweight front hub

    I'll have the other set of cam locks please! Will drop you a DM
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    Wanted Middleburn rear hub

    Hi all, Looking for a 32H Middleburn rear hub, ideally in silver but if there are others in different colours they would definitely be considered. Not too worried about condition but not cracked so it could be laced into a wheel would be great. Thanks in advance, Dave