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    V. Large 80’s Peugeot Ranger 1 owner bike near Stockton (£80)

    Not mine... looks canny and a bit of a gate for the taller gent....
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    Mint looking 1992 Raleigh Yukon £45 Newcastle

    Looks pretty mint!
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    £20 (large sized?) Look Mi60 in Middlesbrough!

    If it were a medium frame I’d be knocking on his door at 8am! 😂 Yeah... looks like just the bars and one upgraded XT shifter? Easy resto by looks of it....
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    £20 (large sized?) Look Mi60 in Middlesbrough!

    Not mine. Came across it on FBMP. Deserves a resto. Some nice bits on it. Looks like easy job. Think it could be large sized and sadly I’m a medium... Bargain?
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    Carrera Infinity 1994

    Look forward to more pics when complete..
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    Carrera Infinity 1994

    I like these old Carreras... underrated because of the Halfrauds stigma but well built and good spec. I used to work in Halfords on the bike dept in mid 90’s (96- summer 98....and I remember being told by the bosses that they were built by Saracen in those days but branded as Carrera but not...
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    Gt Zaskar LE build - finished bike on page 6

    I love it... I think the purple bars are bold but I think that it’s nothing we wouldn’t have done bitd so it works for me 😎 I don’t mind the bling look so long as I have the standard bits to revert back to should I get nauseous of it... great job 👍
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    BoTM Bike of The Month November 2020 is Prezza’s 1990 Muddy Fox Trailblazer Sprint

    It’s a 700c wheel and in my opinion is a kinda very early version of the modern gravel bike! I love it! It’s a garage queen but gets lots of comments whenever I take it for a tootle time the park.... Thanks buddy
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    For Sale Time warp 1998 Scott Endorphin...

    Bank Holiday bump.... Now £530 inc postage to mainland UK!!!! Grab it whilst u can!!!!
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    For Sale Time warp 1998 Scott Endorphin...

    Hi mate read this but confused? Did u try and contact me Re bike? Cheers... Andy
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    For Sale Time warp 1998 Scott Endorphin...

    Thanks mate.... I’ll knock another ‘Ayrton Senna’ off for the weekend but you’re right.... not many about in this condition and if it don’t sell I’ll keep it for laters as it’s worth every penny... Now £560 inc postage to mainland uk 😎🤘
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    For Sale Time warp 1998 Scott Endorphin...

    Bump and Reduced to £570 inc postage to Uk mainland...
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    Kona race lite bars. Best I could find now £24 Posted...

    Still here bump... had pm’s but no reply...
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    Sold orange hot rod bars in purple and ringle 3dv cage

    Pm Re bars.... and cage...