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    Wanted Saracen Max Drive rigid forks in titanium (or high-end steel)

    Hello and thanks for your reply, these will be too short on the steerer for me I'm afraid. I should have put more details in my request, sorry, I will update it.
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    For Sale Manitou ht for sale and Klein mantra

    Lovely Manitou, I always liked those. I think you need to add prices on here though. Good luck with the sale.
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    Looks great, 93 Konas with the fade paint scheme are just class.
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    1998 Saracen Kili Ultra FS

    Nice and there are some good examples on here and also a couple on LFGSS fairly recently. The wishbone on the steel frames is better executed than on mine I reckon (cast on yours? and mine is Ti tubes welded together).
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    1998 Saracen Kili Ultra FS

    Thanks. I do really like the earlier 93-96 models without the wishbone rear stay..however I do love this bike already. I am definitely keeping it!
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    1998 Saracen Kili Ultra FS

    So I just about finished the first build of this and took it for a 30min shake down ride and nothing fell off or broke which is always good! It weighs a few grams over 22lb complete, which I am more than happy with as I haven't gone full weight weenie on this, I could switch the inner tubes and...
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    1998 Saracen Kili Ultra FS

    Ha yes it is a 19" frame, lucky I am over 6'! Stripped and rebuilt the first edition SiD forks today, still incredibly light. Assembling a few goodies, I am keeping the UK feel with USE stem, bar and Ti seatpost (all modern though)
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    1998 Saracen Kili Ultra FS

    This is a rare beastie. My first real mtb (not counting my 5 speed Raleigh Marauder!) was a 1993 Saracen and I spent far too much of my early teens staring at pictures of the Kili Ultra and dreaming. I've missed a few along the way and kicked myself for not buying a 1997 one on here maybe ten...
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    For Sale Raleigh 531 castorama mtb with campagnolo groupset now sold

    That’s awesome. Someone please take this on!
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    Ti Raleigh 40th Anniversary Bike

    I know there's a lot of flak re these frames (see extensive thread on here!) but that sounds like a complete bargain for somebody.
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    Sold XTR V Brake Set

    Very interested if Prezza doesn't want these. Thanks
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    Turn of the century B1 Titanium

    looks great and the Brooks works so well.
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    Wanted Saracen Max Drive rigid forks in titanium (or high-end steel)

    Ideally in titanium but I realise these are pretty rare! Does anyone have a set lurking? I will add a photo of what I am after, but these are the segmented straight-bladed rigid forks, not the curved ones. I need 1 x 1/8th, ahead and 230mm steerer (the frame is a 19")
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    Raleigh DHO build

    Nice work! It's great to see some love for these bikes, a rare beastie these days (or even back when it was made).