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    88 Peugeot Montana Full XT
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    Merlin XLM Ti 17” on eBay

    That dent though which is a real shame.
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    Ibis Avion in Bridgewater
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    Steel Yeti with cheap BIN
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    Retro bike insurance

    But keep an eye on the small print for their max value on bicycles.
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    Raleigh Dynatech Ogre, Weston-super-Mare

    Darn I can't get the cups out...... Sod it I'll paint the cups 😅😅😅
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    Cannondale M2000 (1993) - Farnham Surrey

    All pretty much there though Ant other than that, looks mint too. Just a shame you have to be 7 foot to ride it. 😁
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    Gary Fisher estay Montare frame

    I'm guessing you have two of these already Frank.....😅😅
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    Wanted Kona 165 bar in black

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    Ti Raleigh with Tomac decals

    Supposedly in good condition bar the gert holes in the down tube!
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    Cannondale SM1000

    I can't share the ad listing so the copy and paste i did originally wont work.
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    Cannondale SM1000

    Must be the Cornish weather dude....... 😁
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    Cannondale SM1000

    Possibly............ I'm not sure on the quality of frame if he can't get his cantilevers on the right way around!
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    Is bike shop and customer service an oxymoron?

    I always remembered Sid from Edwardes from the late 80s early 90s, bought my first mountain bike off him so something none of us would forget i guess.