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    Sorted Black 32H 6 bolt disc hubs

    Actually - think I have this sorted now. Thanks for the offers / help all :)
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    Sorted Black 32H 6 bolt disc hubs

    Just hubs, I'm afraid :)
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    Sorted Black 32H 6 bolt disc hubs

    Sounds interesting, thank you. Do you happen to have any pics at all? :) Just trying yo get my head around all this post 98 stuff. Literally bought my first ever pair of discs earlier :D
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    danbe Feedback

    Bought some Avid juicys, with rotors - condition as described, posted quickly, great comms. All in, happy experience- thank you :)
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    Sorted Black 32H 6 bolt disc hubs

    In the middle of a very custom build for my son (his first 26" wheel!) and I'm after some black 32H hubs, for 6 bolt discs. I don't want to spend a bomb but at the sane point I want good quality (so Shimano, etc) Anyone have anything? :) Thanks! Paul
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    '96 Zaskar LE

    To be honest, I got out for a quick ride today but that's the first time for a couple of years (pandemic madness and stupid working hours). Still such a great frame though - climbs so well and absolutely solid. I was like you though - spotted an ad in MBUK, snipped it out and stuck it to my wall...
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    1996 GT Zaskar LE 13 year old boy’s dream

    I'm just dropping a note to remind myself to follow this. I was lucky enough to manage to scrape together enough cash to buy a bare Zaskar LE frame in 96 (16" because I'm very short!). Still have it, still love it. Good luck with the build (loving it so far) and even better luck when you get to...
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    For Sale Huge clear out - Loads more added!

    Have you still got the Avid Juicy set? And is that 30 posted? :)
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    Sold Mavic X317 disc only rims, 26", 32h

    That can work yep :) Paypal OK?
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    Sold Mavic X317 disc only rims, 26", 32h

    Do you still have these? Would be happy to take them posted, if so :)
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    Hatty's Hardrock

    Re: Re: Cheers :) Very happy with the end result[s]
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    Rockshox Internals - Judy J2 and XC30

    I honestly couldn't say, I'm not an expert on internals. When I was looking for my Dukes I did lots of Google searches on fork upper sizes. Might be worth doing that for Tora and XC30 see if they're the same size. Failing that measure up your Tora springs (if you have some) and I can measure up...
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    How to explain?

    I've just finished building up a little 26" hardrock for my daughter; she's 13 and quite short, like me. Frame was about 30 off the bay (although I went a bit mad afterwards - see the thread in my sig :D ). Frame itself is lovely and rides beautifully. Took Vs (which was handy) but modern enough...