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    Old men on old bikes on old trails at Dalby

    Seeing as @The History Man has started to take his Raleigh seriously, I thought perhaps I ought to listen to his and @yakboy ‘s advice. So I’ve swapped out the original Marzocci forks for a set of RockShox Judy FSX, these have nearly twice the compression & were properly serviced last year so...
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    We’ll have to do a back to back trial
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    Renthal bars arrived… very wide 😁
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    Oh it’s @Our Jimmy alright… and he’s got a few of you in his sights! 🤣
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    Carful chaps, if you draw attention to yourself you just might get drawn!
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    Old men on old bikes on old trails at Dalby

    Mobile devices are really quite practical these days don’t you know…
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    Trek Y build

    Cracking job
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    XTR M950 Advice

    M950+ ? My favourite. Proper sorted. I know you said you didn’t like the look of it, but ride it first, it’s lovely 😁
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    Today's Ride

    Birthday ride, green lanes & gravel tracks. At one with the world.
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    2000 Porsche S-Bike

    Interesting. I’d not thought to look there, I presume the BMX stuff would all have risers rather than flat bars but as for jump bikes I’ve no knowledge.
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    Claud Butler frame number identification

    Hello Ronald, nice frame. It’s got what was called in 1951 the Continental Classique lugs, but of course this model used 27” wheels. We unfortunately don’t have the 1950 catalogue to add to Normans website yet. And until we do we can’t be sure, but during this period (1948-56) there are a...
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    Sorted XTR FD-M950>60 34.9 top pull

    Hello chaps, Looking for a XTR front mech, must be top pull, needs to be 34.9 clamp. Looking for M950/51/52 but interested in M960 group if I can’t find the older version. Cheers. Peachy.
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    hmmm I am not so sure about all this digging ... retro riding was or perhaps is VERY different

    Totally agree, a bunch of local lads in our village started digging up a local wood, this wasn’t ideal for anyone. Which is why the village gave up a corner of the playing field for them to dig their own track. So far it’s working.