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    3 karma frames

    If that falls through mate I'll pop up as just at j10 of m40... And would kill for that Kona.. :wink:
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    Nike poohbah's uk size 8.

    Just see this gutted I'm a 7.... But could of lived with a 8. But 11.00 is a tricking bargain...
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    paddlingpool's Feedback

    Coghog received and all good.. Cheers for good deal and swift delivery.. Chris
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    Battle of the planets.... That had some tight stuff on.. As a young man the birds were pretty sexy.. :lol: Or am I just a wrong one.. :roll:
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    Ha ha was talking about the shows we watched as kids.. My misses had a thing for he-man She-ra was quite hot tho.. :oops: Best one was willow the wisp..Edna the tv scared me shitless But got to be said elf was quite funny. Can't forget the adventure game.... Awsome
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    Cheers for that image of zelda..... Won't sleep tonight.. :lol: Does remind me of the other half sometimes :wink:
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    27.0 seatpost - SORTED

    Might just have one will look...
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    Scott Montana Frame 19" reduced £25 SOLD !!

    Bugger.... If 1" I'd have had the lot.. Worth that just for forks
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    Proflex Swingarm Pivot Tension......

    Did it to mine.. And rear end moved so much better.. Got a smooth travel and at least you know it's all been done So you can have peace of mind.. :D
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    Proflex Swingarm Pivot Tension......

    Take bolts out.... Clean them up and get some threadlock... Do bolts up so arm can move freely.. Wait till loctite goes off and job done.. :wink: Bolts need to be just over hand tight. If you don't use the loctite they will fall out and you will be back to square 1... Or another way is...
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    Wanted Rear LX M570 Gold Hub 36H (OR GREY !!)

    I tried Ringo.... He had loads of gold lx stuff.. Hubs...mechs.. Brakes.
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    Use post and bars

    Now we're talking..... :wink: Pm your way... :D
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    Blizzard build

    Got hold of gil_m and going with black with red backing for stickers.. Just a few bits to find... Not going xtr going xt as it just feels better for me... And alot cheaper. :lol: And think rapidfire for shifters.. (ain't made up my mind yet) When bike starts going together I will know... :D
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    Use post and bars

    Must be in red or silver..... What ya got. :wink:
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    Scott Montana Frame 19" reduced £25 SOLD !!

    Are them forks 1"