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    Boulder Defiant, one of my unicorn of the 90's...

    Excellent build! Unique and beautifull bike. Enjoy!
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    Wanted Proshift black front

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    Sold NOS Ringle Zooka Ahead 120mm titanium bolts NEW 1 1/8”

    NOS Ringle Zooka Ahead 120mm x 0 x 1 1/8” Only removed from the plastic to swap the steel bolts for titanium: now with three titanium bolts! Comes with spacers, stickers and instruction sheet cool stem! 150 euro
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    Sold Syncros Stem 1 1/8” pewter 120mm

    Syncros Stem 120mm x 1 1/8” x 10 degree ahead Excellent condition with hardly any marks of usage In the rare grey color, very nice. More photos here: Price: 60 euro obo Registered shipping 10 euro (actually 18, but I take 8 - thanks Brexit!)
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    Wanted Proshift black front

    Still looking for the Precision Billet Proshift front in black…. THNKS!
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    Sold Klein Attitude 20th Anniversary 21” Judy

    Special edition of the Klein Attitude: The 20th Anniversary Edition, released in 1995. Lots of photos here: Details Frame and MC2: - 21" (size L) - 0 degrees MC2 135mm x 580mm wide (no noodle) - 31.6mm seat post - 34.9mm front derailleur - Not drilled...
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    Wanted Proshift black front

    UP WTB Still looking for a Proshift front derailleur (PS: PAUL is sold….)
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    Wanted Proshift black front

    :) :)
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    Wanted Proshift black front

    Looking for a NOS or excellent condition Proshift front mech Can swap 1-2-1 for a NOS PAUL 409 (if the Proshift is NOS as well)
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    Sold NOS Ringle Twisters black/gold titanium

    New in package from 1993! Ringle Wheel Quick Releases Twisters Titanium rods MTB 100/135mm hubs The outer bag has been opened in time, inner bag still sealed but has a tear. Rare in NOS condition Hence the rather steep price 190 euro registered shipping to UK 15 euro
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    Sold Ringle Zooka Ahead silver titanium

    NEW price for the Zooka: 120 euro inc. registered shipping to UK