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    Sorted Bullseye BB

    Hi, did you get the bearings? if not I may have some left, just selling a lot of bullseye kit to a customer so he has first dibs ;~}
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    Original SWOBO wool shirts

    I'll get to it Craig how do i do a PM? neil
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    Original SWOBO wool shirts

    Hi guys and gals I have maybe 5 SWOBO classic shirts. Mostly LS. Mostly XL or L. Is there any interest? About £25-30 each i’d Think? Thoughts appreciated Neilon Brighton uk.
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    1989 Fisher CR-7 Fusion Restoration

    His dirtdisciple, get in touch by email and I'll try find those parts for you you have my email from that message I sent, right? neil
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    1989 Fisher CR-7 Fusion Restoration

    Nice job, I bought that bike new (yes, that actual same one) from Rick at Bike UK near Kings Cross Station. I think he's still in the bike business. I got it replace an under the chanstay braked Fisher Montare, that was a nice bike too but at 18" a bit small for me. The grey paint is very...
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    wanted- Slingshot or Mantis

    Slingshot Hi, not sure If I do want to sell but I have 2 Slingshots. I am pretty attached as a result of npstalgia. I was the (one man band) UK Slingshot importer back in the 80's before they went "sale direct", I also have some original decals (somewhere, I'd have to find them which could...