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    Early 90s Raleigh Dyna-Tech Help

    Hello, Hope your all well. Im looking for some help with a Raleigh Dyna-Tech livery. I can get the usual buts done by Gil @ Retrodecals, but he doesnt have the orange flash on file. Can anyone help out? Thanks (Photo borrowed off here..!) Steve
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    MK7 Fiesta Zetec S SQ (Sound Quality) Car

    Thanks Paul. Yeah all good ta! Well my ZS is a low miles early example so I don’t want to go too OTT on it. I think it’s still got original shockers on it and a damned pot hole put pay to one the other day so I’m fitting 4 new Genuine Ford shockers along with some Eibach springs. Other than...
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    MK7 Fiesta Zetec S SQ (Sound Quality) Car

    Very nice! I run a PFL Mk7 ZS too. Those Turini's really do suit it, and the MO6 too. Not into Ice but appriciate a good build, and that is! I need to start to spend some money on mine when i get back to work (cant go back until August due to having a kidney transplant in Feb)
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    1995 Raleigh M-Trax Ti1000

    Love it. Looks great with a bit of a modernisation.
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    1995 - Raleigh M-Trax 1000

    Looks good!
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    M-Trax Ti1000

    Looks nice that. Im a stickler for OE paint schemes, but that new colour doesnt look out of place at all.
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    Member Check in (who and where are you)

    Afternoon, Im Steve, and ive come back after a few years away, life gets in the way! Based in the Lincolnshire Wolds, and hopefully going to be getting out a bit more soon. Really into Raleigh M-Trax bikes, and own three (ish!) Hope to get to a meet up, as soon as there is any. Cheers
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    My 1993 Raleigh Peak, building up.

    Ill get some photos tomorrow and start a thread. I always forget about uploading stuff!
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    My 1993 Raleigh Peak, building up.

    Dont remind me! Ive got to the point where i have bits coming, ive forgotten about! Still, worth it!
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    My 1993 Raleigh Peak, building up.

    Thats looking great now its on its wheels. Not long to go now!
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    Sold mine on eBay a week ago or so, and got just over £150 for them. Better than being sat in the garage gathering dust a bit longer!
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    Raleigh mTrax Ti built up as a daily/pub bike

    Any updates on the RC35 at all? Cheers!
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    Raleigh Dyna Tech appreciation and information thread

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Dyna-Tech as of yet but I’m keeping myself busy with these. M-Trax Ti2000 bought via here, which is going to get new decals when I pull my finger out (decals from Gil already here) and another recent purchase is the Ti3000 frame on the stand. That will be a near...
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    M-Trax Ti3000 build

    Lovely! I’m currently restoring a Ti 3000 to go with my Ti 2000.
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    Raleigh frames, XT wheels and stuff, maguras and other

    Re: Re: Drop me an email to lincsretrobiker@ g mail dot com