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    Scott USA Mountain Bike Catalogue 1991

    That's nice! and just in case anyone would be searching for German/Austrian Scott catalogs, there are 1990-2006 here: even though they seem to be missing the cool pictures and accessories and such .)
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    Mer mer mer mer MERCIAN!!

    It probably rides... well, specifically or at least different from 90s mtbs. Anyway, it seems the current owner really bought it a couple of months ago, started a build thread on lfgss 2 months ago with the intention of making it lighter and more modern, but realised it is too nice to rebuild.
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    Info on 1980's mercier mtb

    I don't know about Mercier MTBs either. Anyway, if I exclude that decal, there is nothing suggesting it would be a decent bike. All components are bottom of the range and the frame itself is nothing nice, the rear "brake bridge" is associated with bottom of the range bikes from companies that...
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    I'm (kind of) new to this and need advice please

    The quite likely issue might be old grease sticking in the shifters. Then it seems it is not pulling the cables when attempting to shift. Quick fix for that is pouring WD40 or something like that inside and trying to shift to flush the old grease out. Either way disconnect the cables, or just...
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    Another mystery

    Lugs, rear brake bridge and cable guides are about the same as British Eagle (Inferno? Not sure about model, was Reynolds 500 and equipped with 200GS) I had, but the colour scheme is a totally different concept. Also chainstays look a bit different, hard to tell from these pictures.
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    What V brakes with x0?

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    Trek 930 - any information?

    Yep, it is the 1991 model, and the components have been upgraded. Which is good, as the frame is nice. Who put the rear light there?
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    no rhyme,no reason just 1 retrobike pic per post

    [best model name thread reminded me to post this]
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    Specialized Crossroads - First retro project, 1994 frame but bought the wrong size?

    Hello, sizing might be difficult with these hybrids. They were always measured by seat tube, sometimes center to center, sometimes center to top. The thing that matters is the top tube length, some have it quite too long or short. It is not comparable to road bikes as your Allez. Anyway, you...
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    Show us your MS Racing and alpinestars bikes...

    The MS Racing is lovely! Actually it seems red Cromegas are everywhere, so this is mine in very classic configuration. Cracked only once so far, where the stays connect to down tube, I know the steel ones shouldn't .)
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    Which frames/bikes from the 1990s were bought (and survived)

    Steel is real, that's why. Well even the Carbon or Titanal experiments were there in the early 90s. Wouldn't say that aluminium frames necessarily crack, many brands made them quite solid I would say. Anyway, the early ones were priced higher than steel equivalents and not all of them had any...
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    1986 (?) Tech Nova Pro

    Just remove the nut from the axle, it will reveal the round pattern where the removal tool goes. The one suggested by LGF on previous page is probably correct. Sometimes you meet an odd pattern as there were different patterns made by different brands, shouldn't be this case. In case you wanted...
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    1986 (?) Tech Nova Pro

    I am quite convinced it is not a cassette but a freewheel, too. Had to deal with road uniglide and it looked pretty different, while this seems to have the two little holes on opposite sides to dismantle the freewheel without removing it.