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    Custom steel 29er

    A bit of an update on Joes custom 29er… After not being used for a while and after being loaned the bike on a couple of occasions I managed to get Joe to let me buy the bike from him. ( on the understanding if ever got bored of it he would have it back ). He has got no chance on this as once...
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    BoTM Retrobikeguy's 1990 Zinn "Project Flowers" is the September 2021 bike of the month

    @slimjoe you need to get the felt tips out and draw some flowers on your frame
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    97 Zaskar A year in the making. Now Complete.

    Nice to see the bike got some use. Wonder if it is still around now. I have the back frame back from the beginning of this post. Its currently on display on my garage ceiling. Might do something with it one day.
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    Oakley Racing Jackets/Jawbones) Mint

    Got these last year thought they would make me ride like Froome.... They are not for me, prefer the single lens radar/m frame type. Only wore 6-7 times.Like new. Complete with all accessories in the pics here. Cost £145 £100 Posted UK Next day SD. Any...
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    On On inbred 29er SOLD

    Monsterfatuk : i got it on singletrack and might have somebody interested in it. More Pics have been added here. I'll give it a week or so and if it doesn't go I'll let you know. Off road they are nice. A bit of spring from the stays and roll fast...
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    On On inbred 29er SOLD

    Sorry not splitting needs to go as a full bike. Cheers Mike.
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    On On inbred 29er SOLD

    Flickr pics added: This bike has been built in a few different ways since I got it, First and mtb single speed, then cross bike and now a rigid 29er mtb. Since fitting new wheels and and gears in the summer it has bin ridden no more than 10 or 12...
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    Cinelli Hoodie Size L

    Bought this a few weeks ago. Worn 3 or 4 times. Just a little too short in sleeves for my Monkey Arms. Just like this one here: Let me know if you want any...
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    Fuji Track Comp Frame 58cm *SOLD*

    geordieboy, It measures up like: Seat tube Centre to centre 56.5cm Seat tube Centre to top 60cm Due to the seat clamp incorporated in the tube. Top tube centre to centre is 57.5cm If you need any more info or pics let me know. Cheers Mike.
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    Fuji Track Comp Frame 58cm *SOLD*

    Have got this to get rid of. Had it for a bout 12 mths but its always been a bit on the large side for me. Its A Fuji Track comp frame 58 cm Felt Full carbon Fork Race face seatpost Fsa headset Selle SLR saddle (no wheels, cranks, bb bars, stem or brake.) When i got the frame it had...
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    Campag Neutron Wheelset with Chorus Cassette

    Had these for a few years now and have only ever see use in the summer. Not been used since Sept last year. Decided its time to move them on as they are too nice for everyday riding. They are very nice light wheels, super stiff and excellent for climbing. Tight and true. Includes: Campy...
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    Race Face Chainrings 94 BCD (Black) 9 Speed

    Hi, Got an otuer 44t from an evolve chainset 4 bolt. Pic here: Cheers Mike