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    1998'ish (2017) Kona Honzo Ti

    I'd recommend you look into a works components headset for this also.
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    For Sale Girvin FlexStem & M570 V

    Is the flexstem for a 1&1/8th steerer or 1 inch?
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    Custom 94 Diamond Back Build

    Re: Great work! 8)
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    Pace RC104 Medium in Purple Marine (SOLD)

    Re: Pace RC104 Medium in Purple Marine + extras Looks great. Have a bump and good luck with the sale.
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    Hope Titanium Front Hub £24

    Re: 36 hole?
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    Dekerf team SL frame. SOLD

    Re: Where is collection? Would you courier to Solihull area?
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    Salsa a la Carte titanium frame for 650b or 26 wheels and De

    Re: What size and top tube length is the de salvo frame and fork?
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    Raleigh RSP 600 ti retro/modern build hopefully

    Re: How about stripping the paint at the back end and bottom bracket only? You could transition from the yellow with red bands. Have a look at the nahbs independent fabrications 29er for inspiration.
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    1991 Avanti Revolution E-stay

    Iirc fast forward or aaran had one and these take a rear wheel with no off set. This could explain the odd bend
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    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    I take it this has now been repaired and it will have the discussed gearing applied to it?
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    Need some inspiration (Rocky Mountain content)

    You could always sell me your Implant frame and free up the funds to focus on this ;) This RM is a great frame especially with those forks :)
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    gil_m's Feedback Thread

    Thanks for sending the pacenti biplane forks to my London contact. They arrived quickly were forwarded on by my friend quickly and I hope to receive them in the office soon.
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    Kona frame, Stumpy frame, Rockhopper frame, Sub 6 Pro

    Re: DeKerf, Kona, Specialized, Magura, XTR........ Free bump as I am not likely to buy the Dekerf, subject to answers to my final temptation email to Ackers...