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    ** Mountain Mayhem 2022 - ITS ON ! (in a fashion)

    Who's up for a pair? So to speak?
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    For Sale 1998 Scott Endorphin frame

    Still for sale folks
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    Sold Rock Shox SID forks

    Hi there, I've not actually used these, but they feel good and the lockout works too. Not sure of the year, they will need canti bosses. The 1 1/8" ahead steerer is 187mm long. Yours for £65 posted to the UK mainland Thanks for looking, Muzz
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    For Sale 1998 Scott Endorphin frame

    Hi folks, I hate to do this but I also hate to see it not getting used so I'm putting my frame up for sale. Originally in yellow but very tatty, I had it professionally repainted in pearl green. Size is 20.5", there's very few chips in the paint as you can see. Comes with FSA headset also in...
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    Wanted John Spooner frame/forks 23"

    What tubing is it?
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    My Merckx

    Thanks, yes it is, and now ready for it's maiden ride, this morning.
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    My Merckx

    Okay buddy, never mind 😉
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    My Merckx

    Thanks mate, it's a braze on mech I need. The colour scheme takes me straight back to being at Paris Roubaix in 2001. As the riders came past near the end, all you could make out of the riders were lips and eyes. Everything else was grey 😂
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    Gold Fondriest Wind

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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    Wow! You've done a cracking job there! Nice work :cool:
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    My Merckx

    Waiting to be flamed, but a Shimano headset going back in. I know it won't last, but scrubbed the tyres. I was thinking of getting blue, but had these and add a nice colour match I think. So, here it is so far
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    My Merckx

    Time to strip the front hub, loose axle and a redish required. Thankfully upon cleaning, discovered everything to be undamaged. So repacked with grease and straightened the wheel. Ready for rubber!
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    My Merckx

    Lucky to get that out, cleaned up the mech. After which, I cheered myself up with some polishing