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    Frame identity mystery

    Lugs look quite thick with clunky shore lines, maybe I'm used to lugs filed down and very thin on frames of my era (70's ish)...
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    Raleigh SBDU bikes

    Personally I'd go for the TT bike, much more rare :) The original paints were very thin to save weight lol
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    Viking ?

    Are the brakes Allen key bolts?
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    The Road Bike How Much Thread

    Tricky thing is that it's the"longfellow" version so 25" frame in old money so will only appeal to the taller rider. Apart from that it's in good nick. I'd start at £275? For a wider audience join LFGSS they have a thread devoted to buy/sell larger framed bikes.
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    The Road Bike How Much Thread

    Looks like a 1985 Competition 12, very smart :)
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    26TPI bottom bracket

    Are you certain it's a Raleigh and not ISO thread?
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    26TPI bottom bracket

    Is it quite an early Carlton?
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    Mysterious fork crown

    Any other pics of the frame? I wonder if it's been converted to Allen key brakes?
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    Mysterious fork crown

    Looks very Vagner (ish). Back in the 70's it was trendy to modify lugs and fork crowns with files and drills. Might not look like a stock item after such treatment :)
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    RALEIGH SBDU... Special Lightweight Race Bike

    Looks nice, odd mix of components but each to their own l. The braze on front mech looks put of place.... Just out of curiosity is it numbered?
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    Ti Raleigh Seat Tube Decals.. The Definitive Guide To The Correct Team Livery

    That's interesting Mr Nob, the rear cable guides go down the right side but for Campag brakes they are usually on the left. Did it run Weinmann's?
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    Head tube

    Dave Moulton wrote a few, articles on frame geometry for classic steel after he moved to the USA, I'll have a Google.
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    Vintage Carlton Corsa Road Bike Single Speed

    £450! Is the decimal point in the wrong place lol
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    Which Paint Would You Use

    200 microns is about 8/1000 of an Inch :)
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    Which Paint Would You Use

    I'd think about powder coat if it's cheap and cheerful one colour, modern powder coating is quite thin and the lug detail should be kept.