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    81 mk5 Carlton Pro, all Japanese no shimano build, is now a 78 in silver 😏.

    Class, stars on the 531 decal icing on the cake :)
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    Sakae Litage ATB - Gravel/Dropbar build

    Note to self to dig out my road Litage (Light Advantage) frame from the garage and see what I can do with it :)
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    Colnago Master Olympic Decor, Record pink near new condition

    Just out of curiosity how much did you buy it for?
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    Claud Butler frame number identification

    Many thanks :)
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    Claud Butler frame number identification Any ideas on what this CB is on Retrobike? Looks older than what is suggested with the design, pencil stays, fork crown and lugs.
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    Confounded by brake set up on a Joe Waugh

    Splendid :). DS too. If it wasn't for the under bb cable routing and Allen key brakes could be from my era. Timeless :)
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    Confounded by brake set up on a Joe Waugh

    As above, aside from the confusion as I thought it was a 70's frame it needs short reach brakes. I wonder if the short reach Veloce Campagnolo brakes of the era would work?
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    Confounded by brake set up on a Joe Waugh

    Ah, 1991 frame so a bit after my time, I looked at the Cinelli MC style fork crown and though it was quite a bit older and had been refinished. Scrub my previous post lol
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    Confounded by brake set up on a Joe Waugh

    Looks like the type of very close clearance for Weinmann 500 or campagnolo piccolo brakes etc. Why doesn't the 650 bring the shoes nearer the rim as per Dave Lloyd 650
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    Falcon. Black Diamond Classic Bike for Sale

    That looks in good nick given its age. Typical Falcon of the era wit no braze ons in sight lol. Looks about 23-23.5" With that much seat post in I'd check that it moves as can affect the price.
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    Mystery frame ID help

    Shorelines of the lugs and wrap round brazing look fab, doesn't pin it down to any individual but knew what they were doing :) any pics of the dropouts
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    Are these wheels any good#1 And what era?

    Mavic 500 hubs, nice :) Sunrace do some OK freewheels
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    Late 60s/early 70s Carlton

    Looks like a Carlton Criterium from circa 1970, there should be a number on the left hand rear dropout which might help. The tubing is Tru-Wel and not 531. There might be the remnants of a yellow Tru Wel decal on the seat stay at the top
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    Late 60s/early 70s Carlton

    The Victor seat stay design didn't last long as the frames had a habit of cracking where the stay meets the frame. Carlton had the bright idea of slimming down the diameter of the stay as it went into the frame, the reverse of normal shot in stays.... Giro and pro reverted to more normal shot in...
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    Late 60s/early 70s Carlton

    The seat stays were a Carlton feature called the "Victor" seat stay cluster. Not many Carlton bikes had them, Giro was one model that springs to mind.