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    Odd Hope quick release design?

    Thanks everyone, great to hear the extra information as I was unaware of the flex needed to make the clamp work to it's optimum.
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    Odd Hope quick release design?

    Oh how strange that I've never seen one like that ever. Yes the "OP" letters that are raised up, every Hope seat clamp I've seen tapers away much earlier like this red one I've attached so the logo is flat & in turn doesn't look so bumpy to the eye. But perhaps Hope did this design early on then...
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    Odd Hope quick release design?

    Just seen this - notice the notch on the Hope logo 31.8 part Never seen one like this, error in design?
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    Dyna-ti's Feedback

    Thanks excellent experience again, bought some now difficult to find Hope gold pieces which were well packaged and arrived super quickly. 🙏
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    For Sale Gold Hope individual prices

    PM'd regarding blades, Gold Hope top cap, master cylinder covers 🤩
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    Wanted Hope Crown Race (pre 07)

    I believe Hope said they're not compatible. The one I have is the newer 07 split crown race on the first gen headset they released and the rubber seal is quite a bit larger causing it to be completely smashed down down so looks like a permanently squashed pancake now. Perhaps okay for first time...
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    Wanted Hope Crown Race (pre 07)

    Hi, Looking for a Hope Crown Race the type Hope did before changing to the split version. The best picture showing the type is attached. Any condition provided everything works as it should.
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    For Sale Gold Hope individual prices

    Hi dyna-ti, Looks splendid! Very interested in the blades, reservoir caps and top cap/bolt if you would be willing to split?
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    Wanted Hope gold top cap & bolt /reservoir covers

    Had the idea of building up an entire bike with Hope gold parts but think that will look over the top so change of plan and just after a few select pieces as highlights. So if anyone has a Hope top Cap in Gold and also in the off chance Gold Hope reservoir caps from Hope Mini's also but...
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    V-Brake brake pad replacement - retention pin

    Cheers much appreciated, extra cautious these days on the correct procedure as in the past regretted not double checking and I was scratching my head thinking how to get those pliers on a tiny contact area but if they simply push up I should be good to go. The pads I'm replacing on the front...
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    V-Brake brake pad replacement - retention pin

    I need to replace my brake pads but the retention pins on my br-M951's V-Brakes are pushed right down into the holder. I can't get any purchase with the pair of pliers I have here. Any tips on getting more purchase? Are you meant to push them up from underneath first? Believe it or not my first...
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    Older 01-06 Hope NoThreadset 1 1/8" Headset Crown Race

    I have the newer post-'07 XC headset crown race with a split race, this crown race isn’t compatible sadly with the older design and not recommended. Has anyone used the 07 type on the 1st Gen headsets and what are the results, does it still tighten and fit? Any aftermarket options that will fit...
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    Value of a 2003 Specialized S-Works M5 Epic

    This is the in the 97 section so not going to get much response here. Not worth anything like the asking £1500 to be honest. It's a 2003 S-Works Epic looks stock with XTR, maybe that shimano crankset letting it down compared to a higher end one. £400-£590 range. Think it would have to be NEW OLD...
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    For Sale 2008 Turner Flux frame - medium

    Great frame, I remember there was a premium once for the Horst Link Turners. FSR Horst link to TNT in 2005 or thereabouts. Over the years this reasoning has equaled out with their d-w link in 09 so the TNT was only available for a few years GLWS Something that I would say would get snapped up...
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    1999 Specialized FSR S-Works

    Beautiful bike, a wolf in sheep's clothing. A real classic from 2000 that. Selected componentry upgrades work very nicely 👍👍