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    92 M2 S-Works Team Edit

    You can tell I'm a roady at heart 😁 Here w/Onza Ho cantilevers (snapped), Flight Ti saddle (replaced for gel) & Gripshift SRT500 (housing broke). Mavic 117 SUP CD Ceramic rims, DT db spokes. Answer A-Tac stem Sram XO gripshift & rear mech were the last to be added.
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    92 M2 S-Works Team Edit

    I purchased the frameset w/FSX fork at the end of 92, after a slightly exaggerated insurance claim against a driver for a Raleigh Dynatech Titanium that was totalled in a RTA. I Originally built it using salvaged and a few new components...Shimano Deore LX/XT/XTR mix drivetrain & gears...
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    Sold Specialized Future Shock FSX M2 Suspension Fork.

    Hi, are these forks still available?